Best Amp for Parasound JC2


In my other thread I asked about the JC2 vs Aesthetix Calypso vs Ayre K-5xe. I intend to get the Vandersteen 2CE Signature II or the Harbeth 7 SE. I also auditioned the Totem Mani 2 Sig. which has a remarkable bass.

Now that I've settled on the Parasound JC2, I'm seeking the best used amp ($2-3K)range to match the JC2. Parasound JC1 monoblock is an obvious option but they're on the expensive side and too big in size (one for each channel) and I don't need that much power to drive the speakers.

How about the Ayre V-5xe stereo amp? It has the same inupt impedence (100 Kohm) as the JC1.

Anyone used the Pass Lab X or XA 30.5 with JC2? The input impedence is not matched on paper. Any other recommendations? Tube amp?

How about a Parasound A21 or A23 stereo amp? I bet they work well together.
I asked a similar question here a while back - only in reverse. The general consensus was that there were huge synergies using the JC-1s with a JC-2, as the latter had been designed to work with the former. If the JC-1s won't work in your system, I'd consider the Halo A21.
Try MC2 MC-1250 or MC2 MC-750 nothing beats them if combined with Parasound JC-2, actually better than parasound's own JC-1, and much much much cheaper.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Is the Halo A21 designed by John Curl? I wonder if the A21 has similar performance/sound to the JC1 but in a small scale/package.

Anyone has experience with both used with Parasound JC2 pre-amp?

Thank you.
The JC1 and A21 are designed by John curl and is a beautiful sounding amp! John also recommends silver fuses! I put a HiFi tunning Silver Star in my A21( on the main fuse line) and it took a nice performance leap into a new category. The XLR inputs do sound better than the rca and is recommended by Parasound they yield more refinement and and better sound stage!

hope this helps!

Thanks much for the info. It's good to know the A21 is designed by John Curl, hopefully pursuing the level of refinement with a lesser power.

What's the pricing point for NEW and Used A21? Does it come up on Audiogon often?

Thanks again.
They do come up here on Audiogon for around $1300 to 1700, New there around 2100 to 2300. Yeah the A21 and JC 1's are the only two recommended and touched by Curl.
Check the Parasound site for Curl's involvement in design if that's impt. to you: JC-1, 2 & 3. A-21, 23, 51 & 52.
Anyone used the Parasound JC2 with Ayre V-5xe stereo amp? The V-5xe has the same input impedance of 100K ohm as the Parasound JC1.
I'd finalize the speaker choice first and then work on the amplifier after that.

Agree with Audiofeil, probably wise to choose the amp once speaker decisions have been made.