Best Amp for NHT VT-2's Aragon 8008BB or Classe

I am in the process of buying a new amp and would love to hear some professional opinions. I am a novice audiophile compared to most on this website. The NHT's are a great speaker and I am very happy with my choice, but I am currently driving them with a ATI 1505, which is powerful but pretty harsh. I am limited in budget so I have been considering a 2 channel amp from Aragon 8008BB, Classe 201 or Krell 250a. I would like to hear opinions. Thanks
I am having a similar dilemma for powering my B&W N804s, except my application is home theater. I found a deal on a Krell 250a/3, but also now on an Aragon 8008x3b. Many people will tell you that the Aragon can do ALMOST everything that the Krell can do but at half the cost. Personally, I feel that the Aragon can do just as good, but they don't stick you for name recognition. I have listened to my friend's Aragon 8008bb with NHT speakers and I find them to be extrememly accurate and provide incredible bass control. I currently run a Bryston 4B-ST, which I love and which also is accurate with incredible bass control, but I need a 3ch amp for home theater. I'm not paying full price for a new 6B-ST, so I am switching out the Bryston for the Aragon 3ch 8008. If price is your problem, then I'd say go with the Aragon (you might find a good deal on the Krell if there are any left in the stores). And if you're looking for a really good price, see my add on this site for my Bryston. Anyway, so as to avoid sounding like I'm just trying to sell my stuff ;-), all of the pieces you mentioned are of excellent sonic quality and build and should last you for years. How they pair with your speakers is up to your ears. Happy listening.
The classe Is the one i suggest for the NHT. I have a Krell KSA 150. The aragon is a good amp but the Krell sounds better in my sys.
you are right on the money about the ati .i used to have the 1505 in my sistem and changed some time ago to aragon .the 8008bb and the8008x3.sweet as you can wish.the bryston is almost the same, i can't say about the classe.