Best amp for NHT Classic 3

Hi all,

I'm new here. I don't know much about amplifier. I'm looking for an integrated amp or amp+preamp for my NHT Classic 3 and SW10 subwoofer. This set is for listening to the music only. The following are my preferences:

-Price under $1,000 (used/new)
-Phono input
-Second Pre-out for my subwoofer

That's about it. I saw NHT Power 2 is selling here. Is it a good amp for the music? Many people said NAD is a good choice to go for, but I just want to hear what you guys think. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you...
Just make sure whatever you get has a lot of power the more the better. I had the Classic 3s for a little while and they sounded dull and boring with 30, 60 and 100 watt integrateds. When I hooked up a 300 watt amp to them, they came to life. I remember them fondly based on that.
Trinnatee: I too, like Ejlif, had the 3s for a while--being ran by a Parasound 250wpc A-21 and P-3. It was breathtaking. The combo can be had used for about $1300 here. And like Ejlif says, they hum with more power.
As a test, i tried the Acurus a150---not enough balls.
Good luck!
Since you're better off high-passing the Classic 3 and letting the sub handle the bass, you'll need either separates or an integrated that has both preamp out and main amp in jacks. A second pre-out for the subwoofer is not sufficient.

Integrateds that meet this criteria to consider are all NAD models, Bryston, some Creek, some Arcam and some Rega.
I know you guys are going to laugh at this, but I have a pair of these hooked to a vintage Sherwood s5000 at 18-20 watts and in my small room the sound is magical at low to moderate volume levels. It shouldn't work but is does. The midrange will make you cry. The bass is a little wooly but not bad at reasonable volumes. The highs sound natural to me. Maybe the highs the 3's is a little tipped up and the normally rolled off top end of the Sherwood provides balance. Any ideas? The great thing about this hobby is that chance many times brings the best rewards.
Bob_reynolds: Could you please explain more about both preamp out and main amp in jacks? Is the amp that has 2 preamp out enough?

Thank you.
Trinnatee, if the Classic 3 was a true full range speaker then you could run parallel line level signals to both the power amp and the subwoofer with possible good results. However, since the Classic 3 is not capable of producing bass, a high-pass filter should be inserted in front of it to protect it from bass frequencies (this reduces the distorion produced by the speaker and increases dynamic range and clarity). To be able to insert a high-pass filter, you have to have access to the power amp inputs. Most integrated amps do not provide main amp input jacks, thus there is no way of utilizing a high pass filter.

Some subwoofers have high pass filters built into them. I don't know about your NHT sub. NHT provides an external filter called the X2 for use with those subs that do not provide a high pass filter.

If you need to save some money, Hsu Research sells just a high-pass filter. But, I'd recommend either the X2 or a good sub with builtin filtering.

For example, with a NAD integrated you'd run the preamp outputs (left & right) to the X2 filter, run the X2 high pass outputs (left & right) to the NAD's main amp in jacks, and run the X2 subwoofer output to the line level input of the subwoofer.

Hope this helps.
Thank you. That helps a lot.
what did you end up getting? i just hooked my classic 3's up to a new creek 5350 and love the way they sound. before, they were hooked up to an old marantz 4430, and the sound was very bright and forward - the creek is mellower for me.
an old Citation amp would be PERFECT with the 3s. you really need 250 watts/side
I am using Rotel 1075 amp (125x5) with a Marantz SR6003 as my control unit. Sounds great!
I'm not sure about the best amp as various system variables affect your results. I do agree with several folks here that you need a high current amp with the 3's. I use either a Threshold Stasis 3 breathed on by John Hillig of Musical Design or a stock Rotel RB-980BX.
i'm a little late to this thread as usual, but i just picked up a pair of 3's and hooked them up to my Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum and wow!!! Silky smooth with everything in spades! And that is with the EL34's @ 55 watts, not the KT90's at 90 watts. Amamzing speaker!