Best amp for my needs?

I have a pair of ML Aerius 1 and am planing on getting a ML center theater, and add two rears and sides. Any suggestions on what would be a good choice for amp that would both serve for music and home theater? Or am I asking for too much wanting both worlds? Suggestions both new or used would be appreciated.If possible give options say from $1500 on the low end, up to $3500 on the high end. Thanks for any help.I am told these speakers will do far better with certain amps above others.
I've heard stereo pair sound very good run off a Krell integrated so Krell/ML struck me as a good pairing.

Same true off of Classe amps years ago. Not sure if Classe does multi channel though?

Wyred 4 Sound is another line that I think I would want to hear.
Parasound Halo A21? It comes highly recommended and reviewed, and is priced at the midpoint of your price range.

As for matching with ML, the Halo is very high current and wide bandwidth, so its speed and stability into reactive loads should be a good match for 'stats.
I would take a serious look at the Jeff Roland model 7 monoblocks that are for sale.
If you can get a used McCormack DNA500 or DNA250 that would be a great path to take. Another great alternative would be the Clayton S40 Class A amp that lists at $4,000. If you could find a used model you would have a wonderful piece of kit. Both these amps are far better than any other solid state amps out there and are unbelievably great when paired with a good tube pre-amp.
Is anyone else familiar with these two amps? Are they so good that it can be said "they are far better than any other solid state amps out there"? What about amps like Mark Levinson No 332 or the Sunfire 5400 or 7400 or Sunfire Grand cinema? What about the Pass Labs 350.5? Are these that were already suggested Home theater? Thanks for any help. There sure are a lot to consider.