Best amp for meadowlark shearwaters 1-2K

trying to decide between KREL KAV300 OR ROGUE TEMPSEST to drive my meadolark speakers. My sources are either CDs, cable TV, or computer MP3s

Any suggestions appreciated?
meadowlark speakers sound best with tube gear...i'd stay away from Krell...why not give a try to Unison Research SR1 hybrid integrated amp?...
I had listened to the original Shearwaters on several occasions some years back at a local dealer. The different amps each time I visited were VTL ST-85's, Mesa tube integrated switched to Triode (20w), Although the room was somewhat problematic(terrible design for a demo room) Either amp drove them very nicely, even the low watt mesa.

The best sound produced by these speakers though was in another room/system and driven by a Plinius SA 100Mk11. They really sang and completely dissapeared, and still had the nice tonal balance of the tubes.
FWIW..I agree with lasi, and would steer clear of Krell.
Early in my involvement in the high end game I had a 300i driving Meadowlark's Heron-i and was pleased with the results. Since that time, as I became a better listener I have moved on from Krell.

Based on other chats that I have had, I would imagine that the Rogue would be a great match to the Shearwaters
Yes...heard those too! Rogue M- 120 monos. Great match!