Best amp for Meadowlark Blue Herons?

I recently bought a pair of Meadowlark Blue Herons. I'm looking at a Bat Vk200, Belles 150a Ref V2 or Bryston 3BST.
Anyone have any experiances with the Blue Herons?

DAC im using is a MiniMax Plus. Also Modwright 9.0 SE Preamp.
Dang nice speakers. I'd go with the BAT or the Belles. But have you considered a BAT tube amp?
No I have not. What would I gain over the the solid state?
Your other thread on the same topic has garnered a few suggestions involving tube amps too.

I have Shearwater Hot Rods. I've run them with a transistor amp ( SimAudio ) and with my current tubes. The transistor amp had terrific authority in the bass but the tube amps made something I consider closer to music: natural flow, plus a sweetness to timbres and a kind of three-dimensional presence to the instruments.
What kind of tube amp did you use?
What about a Modwright KWA100 SE amp?
I've used Shanling SP-80 monoblocks. Currently I have Audio Space Nova M monoblocks with EL-34s. These are rated at 60 watts. The BAT tube amps are also very good.

I'm afraid I don't know the Modwright. I have heard the Herons with SimAudio transistor amplification and thought the combination remarkably good. I still have a soft spot for tubes.
Pat McGinty used to voice his speakers w/the Music Reference RM 200 & the folks at meadowlark used to recommend it. good luck those are great speakers.
Pehare, that's fascinating info. Thanks!
I'm looking into the RM 200. 100 watts per channel wow! Has Great reviews also.