Best amp for Martin-Logan CLS-2Z

Does anyone has experience with CLS? what would be a best amp combination for them? Tommy
A difficult load to drive. Try a Carver Signature amp,or tube mono blocks.
I had four pairs of CLS's and a number of different amps. They love tubes like any of the ARC amps and they really love Pass Aleph 2's. The key with CLS's is to get the bass off of the panels by using a subwoofer below 90Hz so that there will be less IM distortion.
A friend of mine drives his with a Mark Levinson no. 27, and they sound fabulous. If you go solid state, it needs lots of power, those MLs go down to 1 ohm.
depends on ur $ handle the load and the push ...high powered VTL...or get high powered solid state...classe, bryston or Mcintosh above 250 RMS/ch or 5802 adcom .. with tube pre amp.. U also probably need a pair of tight subwoofer ..short well define 'hit' with 8 to 10 inches woofer
I have a pair of CLS II's (older model = tougher load) and plan to drive them with a Krell KSA 300S and a tubed pre. I have talked to many and all agree this amp is a perfect mate. I have heard this combo and the synergy is great.
I heard from someone at Stereo Exchange in NYC that the Futterman Amps were made especially for those particular Logans.
I just talked to my buddy Tony at Hi-Fi exchange and he has a pair of amps that will go well with the Logans.Fourrier Sans Pariels.Monster amps like the Futtermans,He can obtain the Futtermans also if you desire.Call him at 718-767-9379. Mention steve sent you..
By far the best amplifiers for any Martin Logan's, or any electric static speakers, are a pair of Threshold SA/1's mono-block, (class A) power amplifiers. Very sweet !! John Atkinson-Stereophile