Best amp for Martin Logan CLS

I have a pair of original CLS's which I am driving with a PS audio 200c amp. I would like to upgrade the sound. The bass is handled by old Entec powered subwoofers. What might be the best amp I could upgrade to. The speakers sound a bit bright and I'm afraid of solid state amps making that worse. Has anyone matched these with a Krell 600 or would tubes be the answer to a warmer sound?
Hi Arlenm I use a pair of Audio Research VTM 120 monoblocks with my CLS IIz's and get a wonderful space and transparency on large scale orchestral music. I'd be interested in following your quest as well as there's always more out there somewhere. Luke Manley of VTL told me that they use CLS originals when they design their amps and suggested the 250 W triodes which I'd like to audition some day. Good luck in your quest James in Toronto
I also own Martin Logans (the Quest Z's) and went through the same problem. The system was too bright with Krell and Ayre had me climbing the walls. After many amp auditions, I found a great matchup for my Quests. I listened to a BAT VK-500 with Batpak and knew right away they had the right synergy. To further enhance the sound, I used a NOS upgraded Sonic Frontiers Line 2 and added Shunyata Powersnakes power cords to the system. This combination has been outstanding. The speakers are no longer bright. The MLs love tubes and they deliver excellent transparency with a soundstage that spreads far and wide. Needless to say, I love this system. Hope this info helps.
Another good choice for your M-L's would be a pair of Pass Aleph 2's or 1.2's (both discontinued, but available on Audiogon). Smooth sound for solid-state (or tube) and bulletproof. Also, not seriously affected by the low impedance you will be driving. Will actually work well with the load you will be driving. I also recommend the big McIntosh amps (MC500 and MC1000 monoblocks). YES, I SAID MCINTOSH! Impervious to the CLS impedance load, awesome sound, hugh power reserves, and great cosmetics (I'm a biased Mac fan). Not as sizzling on M-L's as some of the larger Krells. Haven't heard Levinson on CLS. Another good choice is the Audio Research D400MkII (discontinued- find used). Hope you find something you like. Fielden