best amp for Magnepan 3,7

we all know that audio research and Jeff Rowland amps are often successfully coupled with magnepan

which are the best alternatives ?

Krell ? an FPB 600 for exemple

Pass ?

what else ?

Sanders Magtech amp.
Maggies are a fairly constant 4OHM load.
You need solid state versus tubes, unless the
tube amp is a monster. Magic combination
I've heard with 3.7 is Bryston 4BSST, which is
a favorite of Magnepan themselves couples with
a tube preamp. I plan to do 3.7 with 4BSST
and a CAT SL1 Renaissance w/ Phono. Bryston's
own BP26 with outboard power supply would be great,
but I prefer tubes on the preamp side.
Sanders Magtech would be a great match as well
Audio Research's chief tester has Magnepans in his
residence and he even says that Audio Research's newer
D Class amps are the best for them such as the
DS450 or the mono version of them. McIntosh would also
be a good match although not quite up to the sonics
of the others overall.
I drive my 3.6's with ASL Hurricanes and they are magic. also VTL, Vac and Audio research should do the trick. Do not fall for the you need tons of power trap. It isn't so. I have driven my 3.6's with VTL ST-85 which are 85 watts per channel with excellent results
Unless the room is small and or hardwood floors, less than 250wpc is asking for the amp to run out steam. I measured the draw from a 90wpc amp, tubes in fact, with the 3.6, and making less than 91db at the listening position, I was out of power. The meter pegged. Get a Monster 4bsst or 14bsst if the room is big and you like loud. Tubes are fine if you like no bass drive in a big room. Try both, and measure the power output and db in the room. The facts will speak for themselves. Jallen
For brands, I like Pass's XA.5 series on my 3.6's.

I side with Ahendler on the power issue, it just depends on how loud you like to play your music and the size of your room.
Agree with Onemug, size depends on how loud you like to play them and how close you sit. In general, if you like to play the loudest orchestral music at levels approaching natural ones, e.g., 115 dB on the peaks (which is maybe 100 dB on the typical SPL meter), you will either need a big amp, or to accept some clipping. But many or even most people never listen that loud. If you back off 10 dB, you've reduced power requirements by a factor of 10, but perceived loudness by only 1/2. So the only real rule on size is to get what's right for you.
I'm running my 3.7s with a VAC 300.1a (150 tube wpc). My room is 18x25 with pitched ceilings. No clipping, no distortion, no running out of steam -- tight present bass too. I don't like to listen at volumes that damage my hearing though. Another option is hybrid tube amp like the Moscode 402.
My 3.6's with Bryston 4-SST2
More power is always better in my experience, my top choices for your Maggies:

Pass Labs X-600 (.5 if you can)

Pass Labs X-350.5

Sanders Magtech

Cary Audio CAD 500MB's (what I use with my 3.6Rs)

Bryston 7sst2

Parasound Halo JC-2

Wyred4Sound 1000's

I've had all these hooked up to my Maggies (with the exception of the X-600's, and the Sanders, but I had an older Sanders and give the new one some love for that). I have had a few other amps on them as well, but I wouldn't put them on the list.
McIntosh mc2301's. I have tried many amps, it was immediately clear that the big tube amps were a perfect match.
System synergy and room characteristics will influence your results to such a large extent that only an in home audition of the amp(s) under consideration will be of any value.
Expand the options and consider biamping with an outboard xover, tubes on top, SS on the bass, and xover a sub at 40Hz, say a pair of JL audio subs. A big room can now be filled.
The Halo JC-2 is a line stage. Did you intend to recommend the JC-1s?

The 3.7s do not have an external x-over box. Thus b-wiring or biamping can only be accomplished after major internal modification of the speaker, which would void the warranty.
Cary 500MB's.
thank's for the responses

I have heard the little magnepan 1.7 with Jeff Rowland 312 (class D) Corus + dCS Puccini & clock

I was shocked how good it was ...

this would confirm the statement from audio Research chief tester reported here by Stewart

now I wonder what would bring class A amplifier ?

the Sander looks interessant too
Unfortunately, the 3.7 can't be bi-amped, otherwise I suggest Threshold S500 for LP 700Hz with Bryston 10B.
I also suggest CAT SL1 Sig. MK2 for pre-amp.
I am using these audio gears for my Magie system consisting of Tympani IV bass panel and MGIII.
My room is 6x8 m with 2.8 m ceiling height, the sound is fantastic.
I just purchased a brand new Conrad Johnson Premier 350 SS amp to drive my Maggies. Eager to how it compares to my VAC 300.1a.
CJ 350 is the cat's meow. Sweet treble plus absolute punch.
I am using an Audio Research D400II to drive my 3.7s. It has tons of current with 400 watts to the 4 ohm load and is very neutral IMO. Tried two of them bridged for mono since I was bi-amping an earlier model, but that makes them a 2 ohm load and while they could drive them, prefer the single amp in 2 channel mode. You get find them used for under around 1600-1900

Just for kicks now using the other AR amp to drive a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls. With 100db effeciency now I can annoy neighbors for blocks if I so choose :-)
A little apples to oranges, but I happily run my MMGs with a 40 Watt tube amp at very satisfying levels. Of course, it helps that I use a simple crossover to filter out 65hz and below, but that mainly helps clarity. I don't think it makes much difference as far as absolute spl is concerned.
I can't believe I stumbled upon this thread. I also have a part of mg111a's and a Tympani bass panel, although I believe it is a from a Tympani III system. However I have not yet integrated the two.

I'm interested in how you handled the crossover--active or passive, and what you use for crossover points
Rreid01, here's a recent thread on integrating IIIa bass panels with the Tympani IVa, you may find the information useful:
Check this one out. I have one running a pair of big Ushers and it is wonderful. Just noticed this thread is old and I'm sure he found something by now. :o) But maybe it will help other maggie owners.
H2O amps. I used to drive the 20.1 with a ARC Ref 210 and i ended up biamping with the addition of a Pass 350.5. Just got the 3.7 and the H2O packs a lot of punch. The 3.7s really come alive with the H2O.