best amp for magnepan 3.6?

Thinking of upgrading from magnepan 1.6 to magnepan 3.6 and need to replace amp due to failure of previous amp(I forgot to power down before changing cables). Thanks for responding.
What you're doing with previous amp just out of curiosity?

For 3.6 I'd recommend VTL MB225 monos
Spectron III my brother is using one on his maggies and the sound is fast clean and able to control the speaker thats why i bought one for my Thiels which are had to drive and it was the right choice.
Best? Atma-Sphere MA-2 MkIII, a superb combination. Next at lesser cost: Wolcott 220.
Maggie's have great synergy with Audio Research. I heard them paired to an all AR set-up, i.e. amp, pre, and CDP with Nordost cables and it blew me away. Maybe the best system I've ever heard.

It's been a few years so I do not remember the model numbers, only that it was all solid state and they were huge in size.