Best Amp For Maggies 1.6 Tube Or SS

I Have A Audible Illusions M3a Preamp Cambridge Audio 740 Azur Cd Player And The Maggies Kimber Kables Inter And Speaker Need Best Match Tube Or Soild State Amp
What's your budget?
SS unless you have 15K to spend on a big tube amp.
Mac 275 and Mesa Baron both drive them with ease!
Plinius SA100MKIII or Innersound ESL
The Maggie 1.6 have a very benign 4ohm load but a low sensitivity of 83db, a good Solid State amp of 100-200w that can do 4ohm on it ear should be a good choice.

A good push/pull tube amp with 100w or more and 4ohm speaker tap will do also, but it should have a lowish output impedance, below 1ohm, zero feedback tube amps are out, as they are generally too high in output impedance, as negative feedback reduces the output impedance.
I can think maybe some S/H Rogue 120 monoblocks or 150 monoblocks these can also be switched to Triode from Ultra linear and have a good low output impedance and a 4ohm speaker tap, and tight bass for a tube.

PS: Ron I don't know if you are in California but there is a pair of Rogue 120 for sale here

Cheers George
George I tried Rogue 120M with the 1.6 and it was lifeless, it was not a good match imo
ARC 100.2
Philjolet: "George I tried Rogue 120M with the 1.6 and it was lifeless, it was not a good match imo"

They are far removed from the norm sound of a tube, as they have a good deal of feedaback and also use a feedward type of arrangement with conjuctive filters. Whe I heard them they were very dynamic but also tight and dry like a SS amp. And drove a pair the ML Monoliths very well.
But I aslo believe more in GOOD solid state amps that use BJT's (bi-polar) for the current they can give if designed right.

Cheers George
I drove my Maggie 1.6's with a Parasound A21 high current amp and it really handled them well. The Parasound also has 1000 dampening factor for control of the bass. The maggies are very reveling and I found that I needed to soften the sound up with a tube preamp and a tube buffer after the cd player. They make beautiful music in the right room when set up correctly. They need a bit of room behind and on the sides...

Good Listening,
I own both 3.6s and 20.1s, after playing with a few amps my preferred amp is the Conrad Johnson MF2500. I think their smaller MF2250 Would be a good match as well. At their going price they are true bargain.
Go vtl mb300 or mb450.
Audio research is good too,
I have vm220.. Both power my 20.1 well.