Best amp for LSA LS1 Monitors in large room?

Having upgraded my cd player to Opera Consonance Linear 120 and cables to Audioart, I've listened to LSA Statement monitors powered by my Creek 5350 se. Overall, I love the sound, but the Creek is not able to drive the LSA's to loud enough levels with some cd's in our large room. I like the sound, overall, and am wondering whether I shouldn't simply pick up another 5350 used and bi-amp. Anyone have any alternative suggestions????
It might make sensd to stay in the LSA Family, and check out their 150wpc integrated. I think the Standard goes for $3200 list, and it's a great match for LSA's Speakers.
OK-- I will check it out. Thanks!
I am running my LSA1 standards with a Mcintosh MC7270 amp and a Mcintosh C712 preamp. I love the sound and it can get very loud if needed. I am looking to upgrade them to the statements.