Best Amp for LS3/5A 15ohm?

After years of looking for, I finally got a pair of Rogers LS3/5A 15 ohm. Would someone recommend good amps for these speakers(better below $3000)? What is good cable for them? Many thanks. George
I am running mine with a BAT VK500 It is a lot of amp at 250 watts per channel dual mono But the 15 0hm just feeds off the high current output to just sing I bought my amp used for $3000 here on Audiogon I am using the Analysis Plus Oval Nine cables Voted best of show at this years CES Eight ft pair $299 One heck of a good value They replaced Harmonic Technology at twice the price Hope this helps
I'd check out the Plinius line -- high praise from everyone. Smooth sound, no grain whatsoever, plenty of power, built like a tank. I own the SA-100 and I don't think I've ever clipped it into my Dynaudio 4 Ohm speakers. A highly recommended component.
I have heard them played wonderfully with Exposure amps. An amp should tell a speaker what to do, and a good speaker should be able to do it. Exposure DR4 will make those speakers do what they are suppose to do. It is not always the case, but British to British usually means a solid match. Bert
Hi. I'm the original owner of a pair of Rogers LS3/5a's purchased new in the mid/late seventies. I was afforded the opportunity to obtain a Michaelson and Austin TVA-10 tube amplifer which complemented the speakers wonderfully! Perhaps, you may encounter one in the secondary market -- good luck!
McIntosh old tube amps sound great and have a 16ohm tap my favorite is the mc-225 for more juice try a mc-275