Best Amp for Klipsch La Scala Speakers? Xmas Gift

Trying to buy a Christmas Gift. Help ASAP!

I just bought a pair of Klipsch La Scala speakers. What would be the best amp or best integrated tube amp for those speakers for $2,000.00 or less.

Room Details:
* 25'x60' wood floor with area rug
* 3/4" plywood walls
* Suspended cieling
* Most would consider this a "Live" room

Type of Music
* Classical, Instrumental
* Broadway Tunes
Cool. Not sure what you know about the La Scala but they are very efficient, which means you dont need alot of power to drive them. I used an NAD integrated with mine, with very good results. However, if you want something better, and the La Scala's can definately make good use of better electronics, I think a tube amp would be best. Try an integrated amp from Jolida. Or if you want to stay with SS perhaps Creek or Musical Fidility would be a nice match. But I still say go with tubes!
Definitely a tube amp. It could even be an SET. One classic combo is with McIntosh amps; I drive my Cornwalls with a PrimaLuna integrated.
I ran La Scalas with 300b SET amps with great effect. Very lush, beautiful midrange while still being very dynamic. I was using Quicksilver 300B's, but I can't suggest to you which amp to use. For a tighter presentation all around, I would suggest an EL84 integrated. Rebuilt vintage would be good, or a Leben CS300 type amplifier.
I've had almost every one of the classic Klipsch speakers including La Scalas and a Cary SLI80 tube int. would work fine, or a McIntosh 7270 like I had for 18 years is a great SS amp with these kind of Klipsch's. I think there's a 7270 for 1640 on here or the bay. I ran a 7270 thru Klipsch Horns, Belles, La Scalas, Chorus's, Forte's, and my favorite, Quartets and you won't get much better other than going tubes for the price your looking for. Best of luck.
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As others have indicated, you can use almost any amp to power a K-horn. The classic audiophile pairing is either a 300b, 2A3 or (if you are more adventurous) a 645 SET amp. Personally, I prefer EL84 but different strokes.

I would suggest that you look at the little Almarro A205A and the Decware Zen Triode amplifiers. Both are excellent and highly recommended. The Decware amp is also made in the good ol' U.S.A.

Another way to go would be the First Watt F3. It's a SS JFET amp, 15W at 8 ohms. The K-horn can demonstrate flabby bass w/ some tubes (300b). This little amp will provide deep, taut bass that the speaker is capable of but seldom delivers. A friend of mine uses this setup in his den, and it's probably the best sounding pair of Klipsch speakers I have ever heard.
Trend digital amplifier was what I used for some best sound I got from La Scalas...I would look at these little wonders first.

The OP's speaker was listed as the LaSkala, not the K- Horn. But all the amps you suggested should match very nicely just the same.

As others have noted, these speakers will sound best with tube gear. SS tends to bring out some harshness.

4 watts or so is all I needed to bring my (past) K- Horns to concert levels. So I would imagine you won't need much more power than that to drive your LaSkala's.

I would be a bit concerned about the plywood walls. Maybe some room wall treatments might be in place here.

Good luck and please report back your decision.
I think any tube amp or integrated tube amp would sound good. A person could drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what sounds the best.
Markpao said: "The OP's speaker was listed as the
LaSkala, not the K- Horn."

Sorry, my bad. But I will advise the same recommendations.
The speaker is tube friendly and good efficiency but does benefit from some power.

If you can find a use Atma-Sphere S-30 that might be within the budget. But any tube amp in good shape will be a player on this speaker. I would avoid transistors unless you like shrill- the horns in that speaker don't play well with transistors.
Thanks for all the responses. I'm checking them out.

A tech guy at Klipsh suggested 2-Mono-block Outlaw 200 watt amps, while the dealer that sold me the La Scala speakers has a Fatman 245 tube amp that he has not heard, but thinks they would be good with the speakers.

Has anyone had an experience with the Fatman 245?

I would appreciate any thoughts from you all, as you know MUCH more than I do!
200 watts on a LaScala?? Most of our customers use either the S-30 or M-60. Unless you have a huge room 15 watts is going to do a lot on this speaker.
Primaluna mono blocks with auto bias is the way to go, 70 watts per side. Can use EL34 or other tubes as power, plus they have AX7 and AU7 that you can substitute NOS tubes for and get an even better sound.
Actually, in the late 80s, I bought a Phillps FA-80? Integrated amp (remember at the time Phillps was going
to make a run at the US high-end market :) )
I think this was like 20W in Class A mode and more in AB.
The amp had NO (i mean zero) bass. i finally gave it
to a friend and he hooked it to a pair of K-horns and
I was stunned at how well it worked. This is the only speaker it really ever sound good on, and fun to listen to.
Just curious.....when has Quicksilver Audio ever produced a 300b amp? Just sayin' :)
I don't want to sound like a 'know it all', although I may at times. Klipsch doesn't spend much on their compression drivers, so tubes will soften the inherent harshness of the mids.

Please don't even get me started on the terrible, grainy tweeters that Klipch uses. Therefore, tubes will soften the rocky road that the heritage series has from the get go.

Just speaking from having been there and done that:)
Klipsch classics can be upgraded by I have no experience them them but others like the upgraded tweeters and cross overs. Not expensive cause you can do it yourself. That addresses the weak spot of the klipsch. Then grab a tube int amp like Jolida 302 or 502 and enjoy
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Just curious.....when has Quicksilver Audio ever produced a 300b amp? Just sayin' :)

Mate, if you dont believe someone, do your homework before.....took 2 seconds on google to find it.