Best Amp for Klipsch?

I've got a couple of 1989 Klipsch Chorus speakers that I love, but would like to upgrade the Adcom equipment that powers it. I've heard that horn-loaded speakers benefit greatly from warmer sounding tube amps. That's not to say, though, that there aren't good SS amps out, too.

Since I've just moved into a house and don't have a whole lot of money to spend on this venture, I've narrowed my choices down to a couple integrated amps that have received very positive reviews, the AudioMat Arpege and Vecteur I-4. Does anyone have any opinions on these or other similarly priced products (under 2K) that would "synergize" well with the Klipsch?

Thanks in Advance
I had a pair of Klipsch Chorus speakers in my 2nd system for years and used an Audio Electronic Supply amp(made by Cary Audio), they have their own web site)with wonderful results. The Klipsch are 101 dB sensitive and only needs a watt or 2 to push them. I used their 2A3(3 watts per channel) and the 300B(8watts per channel)tube amplifier. They have an amp that you can use either tube with simple re- biasing. Good luck.
If you like tube-rush noises, microphonics, high maintenance, & an overheated house in warm weather then get some tubes.
I've been through this & the only tube preamp quiet enough was the Golden Tube SEP-2 or SEP-3. Of course I didn't try a whole lot of tube equipment (admittedly prejudiced here) so you might find something else that works if you really try (the Sonic Frontiers Power One didn't cut it for a PA).

Regarding solid state: I've tried more of those amps. Best results were with mosfet output amps, although a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe did pretty nicely in the bipolar dept. The plain-jane DNA-1 was OK as well, but the Deluxe for a few more $ is much better.
In Mosfet: good results also achieved with Ayre V3 & Perreaux 350. The best yet is Accuphase P-450 which is presently in the system driven by an Accuphase C275 pre.

Belles & Conrad Johnson were both no-go.
Krell KAV250A was OK but the rig wasn't optimized for it, so that wasn't a fair audition (at the time I knew too little about tweaks, cables, etc.).
I tried Classe CA150 as well, but again it wasn't really a fair audition so that could really be good although I didn't know it (the dealer wanted his demo back the very next day so I never heard it actually warmed up, & also repeat the above "not optimized" statement).

Synergy is a critical issue with these speakers & if you're pumping any noise into them they'll absolutely let you know about that. In other words, a clean, quiet signal is imperative due to the highly revealing nature of horns. The synergy issue includes your cabling & tweaks. I've had good results with MIT networked speaker cable. I think that's due to the parallel networks acting as absorbing Zoebel networks across the speakers, which do emit a fair amout of reflected energy back upline / needing somewhere to go beside backing up into the amp.
I too have a vintage pair of Chorus in a secondary system that I like to play around with. Try the Jolida JD102b (I got a demo from Saturday Audio for $399) and then find some NOS Telefunken EL84 and 12AX7 tubes to upgrade the Sovteks (which are pretty good) which the unit ships with. I think you'll be amazed at the detail which will be revealed versus solid state. Cheapest upgrade/bang for buck I ever did. Good Luck, Kevin Burke.
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