Best amp for KEF LS50

Looking for best possible amplifier for KEF LS50s. I have tried Parasound Halo A23,  Benchmark's new amp and ,currently the Audio Alchemy DPA-1. So far, Audio Alchemy sounds the best, Parasound next and Benchmark the least satisfying, But, I'm still wanting a better match. I'm looking under $3000, tubes or solid state, new or used, and hopefully not huge and weighing a ton. I would really appreciate recommendations.
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Unfortunately, the Halo A23 is not half the amp that the A21 is.  A criticism I hear of the LS50 is that they can sound forward/harsh with the wrong electronics.
I bought the A23 for $500 on eBay and it has done a great job at that price point. Now the amp is dying but I got 4-5 years out of it in my office system.

KEF used to demo the LS50 with the A23 when the LS50 first came out in the USA.
Best I have heard the ls50 sound is with Devialet 120/200.
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