Best amp for kappa 8.1

Acurus a-250 or Aragon 2004?

Well, there are a few Krell KSA 100 amps for sale now which would clearly drive your speakers, as well as heat your home during the winter.  But you may need to re-cap them.
unsound: "I’m not saying Class D is not capable of sub 2 Ohm loads, but not many units out there with independent tests to support such load capability."

Hello unsound,

     I understand your skepticism. I know for certain that D-Sonics previous top of the line monoblocks, the M2-1500M, were capable of handling very low impedance loads because they were used to drive Apogee Duetta speakers on the 6 Moons review of these amps a few years ago, here’s a link to that review:

     Now, these were the older model D-Sonic amps and I’m not 100% certain their current top of the line monos, the M3a-1500M, are also capable of driving the Duettas near 1 ohm impedances at certain frequencies.
I do know the M3a amps utilize different class D power modules, the newer and highly respected Pascal XPRO2 modules with built-in switch mode power supplies that some Rowland amps also use, but I’m not sure of their minimum impedance capabilities.
     If he’s interested, I’d suggest the OP either call the owner of D-Sonic, Dennis Deacon, and ask him or consider buying a used pair of the very good M2s and save some money.

Thanks all for input.  I'm going to limp by on some possibly underpowered good old class and while I research and save for my"ultimate" amp.  I have learned some restraint in the last thirty years. Scratching an old itch.