Best amp for kappa 8.1

Acurus a-250 or Aragon 2004?

Will either push less than a 1 ohm load? Infinity K 8.1, 9.0, 9.1, were ALL known to be amp killers. 

There are XO fixes.

The other option, just make sure, what ever you use, will hold up.. I've worked on a lot and owned a LOT of the RS and Kappas. They can really sound great...The Kappas do require a lot of power to get the BASS that they can really offer up.. I'd start at, 5-700 watts @ 4 ohm...

A good class d would run them perfect... Just an Idea?

Between the two, the Aragon is the better amp--the Acurus was a step below it in the same company's line.  However, not sure it can handle a one ohm load.
I looked up the specs on the amps you mentioned..

I don't think you'll be happy. They both have pretty good specs.

BUT. It use to take something like Krells, Mark L, Pass Lab, Ampzilla, Adcom 565s, modded, 5800.

I also saw, a guy go threw 2 pairs of Gen 1 Emotiva. Denied the warranty on the second pair. LOL chewed them up and spit them out with Kappa 9.0. 10-12 years ago.. I tried to tell him... XLR? I think, you could run mono, and get 1000 watts or so..

With good (right) amps, those speakers will surprise you...

     I agree with oldhvymec, a good class D would run them perfect.  Either of these pairs of D-Sonic monoblocks would be a good choice and work well:

Plenty of power, reasonably priced, excellent sound quality, stable down to 1 ohm and free in-home trial periods.

Best wishes,
The min impedance on the 8.1s was 1.7ohms.  Not as bad as the 9s.    I had those speakers and blew a lot of fuses.  
Thanks for input.
I'm a little old school but have heard some surprisingly full sounding class d amps.  I'll update just wanted some input.   Might happen across a deal on larger Aragon.  Trying to move past previous good match with luxman m117 and original kappa 8 years ago.
While still beyond that price range, I think one of the few contenders and perhaps the least expensive of them: some Krell’s. Try and find an appropriate one that has been properly recapped. If not, it might need it soon. Can be rather expensive, as can the shipping costs.
Krell was made for them...LOL the problem is the $$ to run them and maintain the ones he could afford?

 HEAT.... yahoo!

Class ds... they will sing, You'll pay a LOT less for power, and sweat a little less, too..

1000.00 usd  two 500 wpc rails. 1 ohm stable. Hypex MP500? I think
somebody chime in... THAT will run them perfect. They will have the bass they were suppose to have...Now don't throw on, "The Club" 50C, and bombard the poor things..., hee hee they will sound good though.. Just not too'll smoke um....

I’m not saying Class D is not capable of sub 2 Ohm loads, but not many units out there with independent tests to support such load capability.
Well, there are a few Krell KSA 100 amps for sale now which would clearly drive your speakers, as well as heat your home during the winter.  But you may need to re-cap them.
unsound: "I’m not saying Class D is not capable of sub 2 Ohm loads, but not many units out there with independent tests to support such load capability."

Hello unsound,

     I understand your skepticism. I know for certain that D-Sonics previous top of the line monoblocks, the M2-1500M, were capable of handling very low impedance loads because they were used to drive Apogee Duetta speakers on the 6 Moons review of these amps a few years ago, here’s a link to that review:

     Now, these were the older model D-Sonic amps and I’m not 100% certain their current top of the line monos, the M3a-1500M, are also capable of driving the Duettas near 1 ohm impedances at certain frequencies.
I do know the M3a amps utilize different class D power modules, the newer and highly respected Pascal XPRO2 modules with built-in switch mode power supplies that some Rowland amps also use, but I’m not sure of their minimum impedance capabilities.
     If he’s interested, I’d suggest the OP either call the owner of D-Sonic, Dennis Deacon, and ask him or consider buying a used pair of the very good M2s and save some money.

Thanks all for input.  I'm going to limp by on some possibly underpowered good old class and while I research and save for my"ultimate" amp.  I have learned some restraint in the last thirty years. Scratching an old itch.