Best amp for GMA Europas?

Hi all,

I've got a pair of these on the way and was wondering what amps people enjoy with these speakers? I'm open to both tubes and SS, but prefer tubes.

Thanks for any assistance!
Depends on what size room they will be in, but I have a Cayin TA-30, 35watts/channel, EL34 amp driving mine. Great combo unless you need deafening volumes in a large room. I rarely turn the volume past 10 o'clock.
You can also email or call Roy Johnson, he will be more than happy to help you out. Check out
I recall a thread not long ago discussing what amps people are driving their Europas with. You may want to try a search.
I used a Kr Audio Antares v300 with the Europas. It only has 12 watts/channel but it had enough power for my situation. I live in a high rise condo so I can't play my system at extreme levels. I have since replaced the Europas with the Callistos using the same amp. It plays loud enough that one of my neighbors complained when I had the volume turned way up to break in the speakers.
Depends on what you're looking for from your system. There is a nice Edge solid state integrated amp for sale here on Agon that is 85 watts and perfectly capable of handling the Europas. There is a Manley Stingray 50 watt integrated tube amp on Ebay that is equally capable of such a duty. Bdgregory is correct about a recent thread here on Agon. I just did a search of the Discussion Forums and listed "Europa" and it is the first one listed. The advice given above regarding a call to Roy at GMA is darn good advice as well.
Its true Roy from GMA thinks very highly of Edge amps...however...I am having very good results with an older Belles set up...very non-fatiguing sound...with good detail and weight...I would be more concerned with the stands for Europas than power...they weigh frickin 50lbs each!...I know people get excited when they hear of a 4 ohm load...but the Europas sound very good with a variety of amps....just stay away from HT receivers(yuk)