Best Amp for Genesis 4 tower spkrs; mid/tweeter

I currently run the older Genesis 4 tower speakers. The ones with the Genesis amp running the bass towers. I am looking for a new amp to run my midrange/tweeter towers. I had been using a Levinson 336 and was very happy with it. Maybe it's just itchy feet, but I am looking to try something else and am wonder what amp would run the top end of these speakers the best?? Tube/SS Brand/Model

I'm running dual bridged Plinius SA100's with 350's. Combination might be a bit too laid back for some but that's the way I like it. Went through a few amps, including tubes but found bass integration a problem with anything less than the big behemoths. Rumour is that Arnie voiced them with ARC tube amps but don't know which model. Haven't tried the big tube amps like VTL 450's or Manley 500's but read that has been a good combo for some. If I win the lottery, I would like to try Atmasphere MA-2's, even though I have not been overly impressed by tubes so far.

The 336 should be fine.
Thanks for the info. I have sold my 336 and moved to a Levinson 23.5 for now! I will be using the 23.5 until I decide which way to go on the amp upgrade. Right now I am considering; Pass, Plinius and SIMaudio. The 336 was awesome I thought, but upgrade fever is getting me! Perhaps I picked the wrong component, but it's too late now! I am excited to see if there is an amp that will give me noticable improvement though. That said, there is a fine line between improvement and "different" sometimes.

Regards, Shane
Just to update, I have moved to the Levinson 33H mono amps, and feel that I will not be looking to replace them in the future......loving them!!