Best amp for gallo ref3a speakers

I am planning on buying the ref3a Gallos and need a 2 channel amp or integrated. What are some of the best matches.
What's your price range, music preference, etc.? Are you looking for solid state or tubes?

I am having very good luck with a pair of Cary 805C's.

I'm having great results with a MacCormack DNA 0.5 revised to Platinum by SMC Audio. I have also tried (& enjoyed)a Dared VP-300B SET amp (runs out of oomph, but has that SET magic).

There was a recent thread on tube amps with the Ref 3's...

I've heard different opinions, but a lot of folks like the Gallo Ref SA (you don't specify, but I assume you are talking about the main or "full range" amp).

I also really like my Isorock GR stands.

happy listening,
9 used pairs of these on Agon right now, with only two pending sales. You would think you should get plenty of answers, since there seem to be lots of people who have tried and failed with them.

I'm using a DK VS 1 Mk. 2 with mine with very satisfactory results. I intend to add the Gallo sub amp later this year.

BAT VK500 (main system) and Classe DR-8 (office system), both systems are using BAT tubed preamps. I haven't bought a Gallo amp yet, the bass response is fine as is. Knowing me I'll end up with a Gallo amp sooner or later just cuz I can't seem to leave well enough alone :)

As to why nine people are selling 'em, I suppose they want to try something else. Gallo has sold a lot of Ref 3's so nine used pairs isn't much percentage-wise.
the better the front end takes ref3 to even a higher level.I'm running yba passion 1000 power and pre amps.