Best Amp for Energy Veritas ? Help please

I have a pair of Veritas 2.4 for L/R front channel, Energy 2.0C for center and veritas 2.1 book shelf for l/r rear. The pre-amp is the TA-9000Es. The setup is for Home theater used. For listening to music, I plan to use the Parasound Halo A23. What is the Best 5.1 Multichannel Amp can I get to match the current setup? I was leaning towards the used Bryston 9B THX, the used Classe CAV 150, and the B&K Reference 200.5. What is your recommendation besides those mention above. I only have a budget of about 2.5K.

What do you think about ADCOM 7500, Parasound 1205, ATI 1506 or Aragon 2005?

A Parasound 2205 5ch amp would be very, very hard to beat at its price....and you'll likely be able to sell off your Halo as well with the 2205 in the mix, as having heard such a setup, I think the 2205 will sound better with your Energy's then the lesser A23, especially in terms of overall bass quality/quantity and treble smoothness.
I would definately look into a (used) McIntosh MC7205. Sound is the best I have heard from 5 channel (compared to Proceed AMP5, CAV150, and Marantz something). It is THX certified, has loads of protection, and a liquid warm sound that won me over. The Mc was the only one that caused goose bumps. When I go HT, this will be my amp for sure. Have not heard new Parasounds but the old ones were only so-so IMO. Mc will work great with Energy. The audition was on B&W N802, McIntosh MX132, Proceed DVD. Arthur
I own Veritas 2.4, center and 2.0 surrounds for rear. I really like these speakers, but the center channel is the weak link. I have them currently hooked up to a B&K 307 and they sound great, though I think you can hook them up to other comperable brands and they will sound great. I have heard them hooked up to quite a few amps, they are not very power hungry speakers. The reason I chose the B&K is because it made a smoother transition from bass to treble. Just curious,do you bi-wire your speakers. This made a world of difference for mine.
For those Veritas owners, if you, like me, feel the 2.0 center is weak, (I think the AC-300 is too), try the B&W Nautilus HTM-1 or HTM-2 centers. I use an HTM-1 now with a pair of 2.8s, and it is a GREAT match!
Thanks everyone for your inputs! I will certainly look into getting the B&W HTM1 for my center channel.

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