Best amp for either Kharma or Focal Utopia speaker

Am considering the Kharma 1.0 speaker or the Focal JMlab Utopia Alto speaker and want to know which amplifier would mate the best for each. The speakers would serve as the front set-up for both two-channel and HT listening (60/40). No decision on pre-amp but have considered going with BAT equipment.
I have the Kharma Ceramique CE 1.0 and drive them with a Krell FPB 200. I am very happy with the sound. If I were to replace the Krell one of the amps on the top of my lsit would be the Wolcott 220's. They can be had around $5000 used. I know that is a fair amount of money, but if you are looking at the Kharma's I doubt that sticker shock will be setting in yet.

I hope that helps.
Kharma usually goes to the "shows" with Lamm or possibly the VIVA monoblocks {Verona,Aurora}.Happy hunting.
Actually, there is a large consensus on this web site and others that the Tenor amps are awesome with Kharma speakers. See the Stereo Times revies by Frank Peraino for one opinion, and there are other reviews as well out there.

My Kharma dealer recommended Balanced Audio (BAT) tube amps and pre-amps, which is what I am using now with Kharma speakers, and I am very happy with this combination, but may upgrade to Tenor amps eventually.
Give Lloyd Walker a call.He has been to the shows with Kharma.He is currently running the CRM 3.2s with the VIVA Auroras.He has heard these speakers with the Tenors,Lamm and VIVAs at shows and at Jonathan Valins' house.
Whats a budget? Realistically I would like to spend around 5-7,000 per seperate, and had even considered the new digital mono amps from Jeff Rowland too (201). Any thoughts for these speakers?
I used BAT equipment such as the VK-500 (upgraded) VK-150se monoblocks, the VK-51se, and the upgraded VK-40 which I still have for direct comparisons. The Belles 350-A monoblocks give up a tube like smoothness but have a solid state power and depth to the bass no tube gear will ever touch at any price. The 21-A preamp at $2495 sounds easily distinguishable from the 51se and VK-40 by definition of better dynamics and overall clarity. I have sold a VK-51se to an audiogoner who recently was acknowledging the later purchase and preference for the 21-A. The 21-A has an upgrade being offered as of this week that blows it through $10k performance expectations for $2995. Put a pair of $8000 Belles 350-A monoblocks up against anything out to twenty and thirty thousand dollars in direct comparison in any system and you will choose the Belles. I have a reference set-up that is as accurate and involving as you have ever heard. I'm using the new Meadowlark Blue Heron 2's (which may very well switch you from Utopia or Kharmas, it's happened before), an Electrocompaniet EMC-1 cd player, and JPS Labs Aluminata power cords and wire with the Belles 350-A monoblocks and 21-A preamp. I have BAT electronics here to compare to. If you want to make the Kharmas or Utopias sound their best check the Belles amps out, the 350's have consistantly been reviewed as having the best bass control of any amplifier at any price by every reviewer to have their hands on them. Several reviewers called it the best amp they have ever heard at any price. These amps make the Wilson Audio X-1 Grand Slamms sound the best I've ever heard them, these are ruthless speakers you wouldn't dare put inferior electronics on. Contact me if you want a demo.
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