Best Amp for Eidolon

I purchased Avalon Eidolon speakers this summer and am getting ready to upgrade my amp. I currently have a Krell KSA 200s with a BAT VK5SE preamp. I am considering the BAT VK-150SE, Rowland Model 12, Accuphase A-50V, Krell 350mc, and the Boulder 1060. Any thoughts? I am especially interested in hearing what other Eidolon owners are using. Mike
I am using the ARC Ref300, and they are a wonderful pair. I have also heard them with the Rowland, and that is very nice. Burmester equipment is also a beautiful match. One of the things I have found and heard from others, give them as much power and quality as you can afford. They will run with an ARC CA-50 (50W) or a ARC VT100 (100W) and sound really nice. But when given 280W RMS or more with higher quality, the change is unbelievablely wonderful. The good thing about the Eidolons is they work well with nearly any amp, but will immediatly illuminate the character of the components driving them.
Hi Mike, The Bat 150se mono amps sound just astounding with the Eidolon!!! I tried to send you an e-mail but the post master kept on sending it back. If you send me your e-mail address I will get back to you in detail. Please try and hear this wonderful combination. All the best! Tom
I have heard them with VAC 140 monoblocks only, but I think that combo would be difficult to top.
Accuphase A-50V hands down. I previously owned the Rowland Model 10. If you have a smallish room, a single A-50V will work fine and subjectively sounds much more authoritative than the Rowland. A pair of A-50V's running in mono may be overkill. Also, if you sell your Eidolon's a single A-50V will work well with just about any other high-end design.
linkster is dead on. the accuphase a-50v, singly or in pairs, is superb with eidolons. the only other amps i'd consider are the jrdg 8ti (which i use-for now) or the boulder 1060 (assuming the 2060 is out of the question). both the the accuphase and jrdg sound on the slightly "warmer" side, while the boulder will satisfy those who prefer a highly detailed and "neutral" presentation. FWIW, i own eidolons and have heard them driven by at least a dozen varieties of amps. -cfb
I am a Spectral fan and greatly enjoy the combination of Spectral 360 monoblocks with my Eidolons. Regarding the negative comments of some of the A'goners about Spectral/Avalon, I have yet to hear this combination sound its best in a dealer showroom. At home, there is much that can be done with cable and A/C current handling that can optimize the system sound. Spectral has a clean, neutral, fast character which works well with Eidolons and produces excellent PRaT when everything is tuned.
I am using a pair of Atma-Sphere MA-2 Mk2.2 amplifiers with my Eidolons and the combination is superb. The Eidolons' quickness, detail, harmonic integrity and ability to throw a beautiful soundstage is perfectly matched by the Atma-Sphere MA-2s. The strengths of the Atma-Sphere amplifiers complement beautifully the strenghts of the Eidolons.
Currently, I'm using both Rowalnd 8Ti with battery, n the CAT JL1. to drive my Eidolon. I found the both of them are superd for the SPK. Both most important thing is what kind of sounds you r interested. For the vocal, I think the CAt is much better than Rowland, but for the bass of cos the transisotr amp r better than the tube amp. Afterall, it is better to ve 2 kind of sys u want. There is no perfect 1 in this world, choice what u r prefer the most. Good Luck n Happy listening.
The Bat 50SE preamp with bat 150SE amps is one of the best combinations i've ever heard. The Atma-Sphere's are quite nice too with the 50SE preamp (I'll assume it is pretty close sonically to your upgraded 5i). I'd buy the bat's if it were my choice. I find that having tube pre and power really brings on the 'tube magic'.

For my tube based system I use vk-5i (w/nos tubes) and a vt100m2 with kt88's. It's a wonderful combination. Not as transparent or dimensional as a bat se combo, but warmer and more full bodied. You might try a vt100m2 or m3 as an additional alternative.
I had Eidolons (recently sold) and A/B'd extensively the AR Ref 300 MKII amps and 2 Accuphase A 50V's bridged to monoblocks. Both sets of amps are no brainers, easily controlling the Eidolons without a hiccup to astounding levels of performance. I think the choice between these 2 falls into the category of whether you are a tube or ss guy, because regardless of what the plethora of posts on the subject intimate, there is a difference, at least to my ear. Is one better than the other? Moot point to me, they both sounded extraordinary, and the certain merits of one over the other were miniscule IMO and to my ear. It comes down to personal preference. After an extended time with the Accuphase, which was nirvana, I switched back to the AR. It wasn't until then that I realized what had been missing. A greater sense of harmonic texture, air and the sense of instruments presented as 3D in space was apparent, to me, with the AR, and vocals had a more natural sound and ease. Power and bass weren't an issue ever with either. The AR's soundstage was a tad bigger, but the 50's were no slouch. I think both mate perfectly with the Eidolons, and some will prefer ss, as noted above, and some tubes. No argument here, just a preference. If you have the opportunity of auditioning and/or acquiring either of these fine products to mate with your Eidolons, that's an enviable position to be in. You really can't go wrong with either.
It is well known that Spectral and MIT have a high regard for the Eidolons. They very often use modified Eidolons at CES with spectacular results. For me the Eidolons are at their best (at CES and a friend's house) with the Spectral DMA-360, but in my own system the DMA-180 has to suffice because of $$$. Having heard the Jeff Rowland DG Model 12 in my system recently, I would serve that up as another great, though expensive, option. The DMA-180 (and not Series II) is a great consideration since it is by far the most cost effective. DMA-180s go for about 3K used. And I can't emphasize enough that the MIT Oracle speaker cables are a must consideration as well. Lastly, be careful not to underpower this great speaker - I would never go less than 150 wpc. When all is said and done about amps, pay attention to speaker placement and positioning. Not only is it free, but the results can bring you magic that far exceeds any amp change. Also look at room treatment and power conditioning, the two very neglected items in high end audio. Carefully set up speakers driven by a good amp will always best, by far, poorly placed speakers with a great amp.
What preamp were you using when auditioning these two amps with the Eidolons? Thanks
As with most "best of" threads, the variables of ancillary components, room, musical tastes, etc. need be noted. With that it mind, my bias is towards tube amplification. I have heard the Eidelons driven by solid state in an audio shop with less than stellar results. Neither the Spectral/MIT, Rowland or Audio Research fared as well as some Eidelon systems I have heard. May well have been the store setting.
Lamms, Convergent Audio JL-1, and Atma-spheres have all brought beautiful music to these speakers. Atma-spheres may have the best bottom end with a touch less lower mid-range refinement; compared to the CATs. I have heard the Eidelons with and without preamps in line and have found myself leaning towards the open, detailed, and extended presentation of the Atma-spheres with preamp(much needed for love of analog). Close in second are the glorious CATs. I wish I could comment on other solid state, but have unfortunately not been exposed to personal play. It's hard to hear even a small percentage of what's out there, especially in a small market, so.....good luck. The speakers are just great, and revealing. Mating can be daunting, but oh so satisfying.
Has any one tried Halcro amps with Eidolon's? I think that would be a good mate, though I have never heard either component for more then a few minutes, and not together.
tireguy, i have heard the Eidolons and the Halcro, but not together. of the amps i have heard, i would agree with Rushton, that the Atmasphere MA2 MKII.2 would be the best overall amps for "my" tastes. of the SS amps that have been mentioned, the Halcro might be best, but it is so resolving and neutral (like the Eidolon) it might too much of a good thing. you would need to hear them together.

i had the Halcro DM-58 in my room for 3 days with my previous speakers, the Watt/Puppy 6. the Halcro was a great match for the WP6 and in my system, the best ss amp i have heard.

the Atmasphere would give you most of the strengths of the Halcro, but with the "breadth of life" only tubes will give you. the Atmasphere will give you better speed and clarity than any other tube amp that could drive the Eidolons properly.
my choice is vac renaissance signature 140/140
My combination is Jadis JA-500s, CAT-ultimate pre-amp, dcs Elgar Plus, dcs purcell with CEC's CD transport. Please try it out for yourself. It gives beautiful sound.