Best Amp For Dynaudio Contour 3.3 Speakers

Currently, this is my system:
CONRAD JOHNSON 2500A AMP 240 into 8, 450 into my 4 ohm speakers.

I am thinking about the following possibilities so far-Simaudio W-10 Monoblocks, or Conrad Johnson is coming out with a new Premier amp called the SA 350 which will be 350 into 8 and 700 into 4 ohms. I am really interested in what other people who have the Dynaudio 3.3 speakers are using for amps and anyone who has suggestions as to what might be a great match to my speakers.
At my dealer the est sound I have heard from the big Dyns was the Plinius SA-250 and Blue Circle BC26
I have used a Krell KSA 200s with the Dynaudio 3.3's with great success. You can buy a KSA 200s on eBay or Audiogon for about $2600 and they sold new for $7900. This is a wonderful amplifier, beautiful to look at and built like a tank. I am using the same amp to drive Dynaudio C-5's with spectacular results. Just buy the Krell KSA 200s, you will thank me. Don't buy the KSA 300s, it is a different animal and takes forever to warm up. The KSA 200s warms up in about 5 minutes. Good luck.
I wouldn't pair the Dyns with the Sim, per a good dealer friend of mine.

I would look into Plinius, Spectron, and Krell.

The CJ may be too soft for these speakers--
Sim would be a fabulous match with the Dyns. I have listened to the W5/W10 with Dyn 3.0 at my local dealer lots of times and these are stunning combinations. Can't go wrong, if you want tremendous power, amazing macro and microdynamics, bass that is very well controlled. The Sim amps are amazing at controling the signal, especially the bass, which can get away from you with the Dyns, especially if not in the best of rooms. I think Simaudio is one of the Canadian main distributor for Dynaudio.

Alternative Audio in Dundas, Ontario carries both Sim and Dyn. They pair the W10 even the monsterous Rock with all sorts of Dyns from 25 specials up to Evidence with jaw dropping sound.

Give them a listen before making any judgements.

Pettyfeversk, what dont you like about the Conrad Johnson 2500A. Thats a really good amp with a smooth sound.