Best amp for Dynaudio C4

Hi guys ,
I am looking for a tube amp for my Dynaudio C4 speakers . should I go for stereo amp or mono amps? Please give me some advice . Many thanks.
McIntosh 1.2kw is probably the best value/performance amp(these are monos). There are budget oriented choices as well depending on what you need to accomplish. For even more superior luxury if you use Mac C4* preamp with multiple outputs, you can actually bi-amplify with Mac components and have 1.2kW Mac stack per each speaker. Prepare to allocate a dedicated power line as important necessity just for amps.
As to stereo vs. mono I wouldn't realy care. On the first hand 600W per side might not be enough, but if driven by recommended Mac, it's the whole different beast... If biamplified with the same(two monoblocks per each speaker), you can place the system inside the movie theater.
I've read where the Octave amps (e.g., top of the line integrated with super black box) are hard to beat, and Dynaudio is the official NA distributor. I'm very happy with my VAC 300.1a tube amp, which I imagine would pair well with Dynaudios (I have auditioned C series speakers but not with VAC amps).
As an Octave V70SE and Dyn C1 owner I would say the V80 integrated with Super black box would work well but in my opinion not at real high volumes. Octave has the re290 which is designed around the KT120 tubes which would be better. Depending on your budget the mre130 mono blocks would be killer especially if you were to add the black or super black box to either re290 or mre130 amps. The black box just adds capacitance for a lower noise floor - better dynamics and a little more headroom. Something to consider with the mono blocks you have twice as many output tubes which put out a lot of heat. Jubilees would be the best but we are talking $67K for those bad boys. They drove the Consequence Ultimate Editions quite well and a little bit of overkill for the C4's in my opinion.

That all being said Dynaudio also distributes the T + A brand which is also very good match for Dyns although I have never heard them. But looking at all the pictures from the last 2 RMAF shows Dyn has been pairing up Octave with most of the Dyns.

Best of luck in your search and in my personal opinion the C4's are the best speaker I've ever heard - just don't have the room for them or I would own them.
Any time a recommendation for a high powered tube amp to power a pair of speakers is requested on Audiogon, someone will generally mention the CAT amps. Even the stereo version is enormously powerful and features output transformers that alone weigh as much as the average tube amp.

Most high powered tube amps don't sound very good, and virtually none can properly drive speakers featuring low impedances in the bass frequencies. The CAT amps sound superb and can drive speakers that no other production tube amp can drive (not that the C4's are ferociously difficult to drive, but they do like linear power).
Thanks for all your wonderful advice !!
I use Duntech Prince speakers incl dynaudio drivers, in a similar d'appolito arrangement as your C4.

My advice will be " politically incorrect" but far from stupid:
Buy a sds470 classdaudio amp ,sales price 590 usd, use it without PA,connecting directly to it a digital volume controlled DAC similar to the Weiss DAC2. The sds sends 2X500W on 4 ohms.

Now, if you dont follow my antipolitically correct advice, you can buy an AudioResearch ref150 ... friendly from france
Pass X series or Krell FPB.

You need some mega tubes to drive the C4s correctly.
I listened to the C2's at RMAF with the T + A electronics. The sound was very nice.

Quality tube amp might be the best for Dynaudio. Octave are good amps but SET Mastersound, class A is even better. 30-50W of pure class A is enough to drive the speakers. I used SS amp, 200W with Dynaudio, now Mastersound is doing the same but better....
I think you need some large amps to drive Dynaudio speakers. I own Eggleston Savoy speakers which have mostly Dynaudio drivers and I had a hard time choosing amps. The more power the better. I never felt I could get enough power in my large room. I am still thinking about moving to a smaller room.
I have offer Cary cad 120s very reasonable price but i am not sure cary had enough power to drive C4 or not? what do think guys? Thanks again .
Merry Xmas to all !
Hi ,Is the Lamm M 1.1 ,100w class A /4 ohm, a good ampli to drive the C4? 200 w in 2 ohm.
Hi Giannicasciaro. I was like you searching for the best amp
to drive my dynaudio contour 5.4 I try most of the leading brands of amps from tubes to solid states to digitals, could not find anything to make my dynaudio sound their best.My search ended when I try the Veritas monoblocks from
Merrill audio. to get to the point,the Veritas monoblocks
transform the speakers sound from contour 5.4 to to your very own C4 I bought the Veritas monoblocks, please give Merrill a call, he will let you try them in the confort of
your home,the Veritas will take your system to the next lever. I promise you that. Good luck on your search.
Please keep me posted if you don't mind. Tango