Best amp for Dunlavy Aletha

I'm building a 50/50 music/home theater system using a Proceed AVP for the pre but need your advice for the best amp(s). Also, what cables would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
The Spectron Musician sounds unbelievable with the Dunlavy Aletha speakers. I heard this Combo at the CES show in 2000.
The Athena/Alethas are truly excellent speakers. I have used a Bryston 4BST with excellent results. Only one caution is necessary: the impedance of the speakers frequently dips below 4 ohms, which means that high current amplification is an absolute necessity.
The Brystons are excellent. Any high quality solid state amp of at least 100 watts will provide mucho enjoyment. For a very short time, I drove a pair with a 10 year old Adcom 545 (100 watts) and the sound was outstanding.

I would also recommend dunlavy wire if you are going to buy dunlavy Speakers
Best speakers in the market.
Have you tried any Mark Levinson amps. Whether it is the old 27.5 or the newest 336 you will be very pleased. My Aletha are driven by 27.5 (could not afford any better) and people think that we have very talented visitors when the system is on.
Andrew G.
Having just purchased Aletha's, I have not had a lot of listening time with them yet, but I use a Bryston 4B-ST. The person that I bought them from also used a 4B-ST. So far, I'm having excellent results. Imaging and soundstage are wide and deep. Bass is strong and tight as would be expected with the Dunlavy/Bryston combo. I don't know about the impedance issue but I'd second Drtmth58 in that a high current amp is always a good thing. I've also heard the Aletha's with a McCormack (sp?) amp, albeit different source and room, with excellent results.
Dunlavy Bi-amped the Aloia's for the 2001ces. I wasn't there to hear that combo. I'm using the Aloia'S with the 5's with the best results. Call Andrew Rigby for the best opinion
I'm using the Aloia with the Cantata.It's pretty fantastic.
Tube sounding but with great detail and bass.
I use them with VTL 185 monoblocks and they sound great. I auditioned them with a Pass Labs SS (aleph 3 i think) and an audio research VT100 mkII. I liked the tubes much more than the solid state. you may loose a little in the bass but what you gain in the highs and mids more than makes up for it.