Best amp for Coincident Total EclipseII

I would be greatful to hear from Coincident Tech. TE II owners as to which tube amplifier works best with this speaker. After swapping in a Prima Luna prologue 2 I was quite dismayed to find it much more musical it was than my Atmasphere M60 or Parasound Halo JC1- now I wan't that elusive perfect amp out there!

PK Das
your probably onto the fact you want a more romantic warm sound paired with those speakers as they can be revealing and harsh on many amps.
I think Israel voices his speakers with his own amps now... I think he used to employ Manleys... but he is a fan of 300B SET output amps.

Your own preffs may well differ from his intentions but remain in a more warmish tilt, as Chad said.

I'd say at any length however, tubes are the way to proceed.... maybe try some EL34 amps. you can configure them to either side of the fence... warmer, or moure neutral and quick.
Israel has a set of MA-1s. Most of the speaker line concept was developed in the late 90s when he had M-60s.
He also has played with ASL 300B amps and even loved getting his hands on some totally restored Dynaco MK IV's. Yes, he tends to like "laid back" amps.
Why not drop him an email? things change as time passes... I'd suppose he'd steer you quite well with what he see's as working best with his speakers currently.
I constantly read comments about the amplifiers I use to "voice" Coincident speakers. Coincident speakers are designed to pass as much musical information with as little coloration as possible. Couple this with the fact that our speakers are so easy to drive, and you end up with a loudspeaker that makes amplifier choice a personal one. Whether one's preference lies with solid state amps, tubes, large and small, OTL or SET, Coincident speakers will mate synergistically. Our speakers are unique in that they allow the consumer that choice based upon their own personal predispositions.

To ensure a wide capability of amplifier choice with our speakers, I evaluate more amplifiers, of every type and design than I care to remember. There are very few amplifiers that I have not had the pleasure( or displeasure) of mating to our speakers. And this is an ongoing process. It is vital for me to have first hand experience with as many amplifiers driving our speakers as possible so that I can be in a position to offer consumers personal knowledge of how any particular amp will sound with our speakers.

I do use a small group of reference amplifiers on a continual basis for design purposes as well as for simple listening pleasure. Feel free to contact Coincident by email or phone to discuss any issues pertaining to our speakers. We welcome your enquiries.

Israel Blume
Coincident Speaker Technology
I've been using an Atmasphere S30 with Coincident total victory 1 for many years. If you had asked me what I thought was the ultimate amplifier for coincident speakers I would have voted for the atma's that you already own, so obviously personal taste's matter.

The Lamm 2.1's (18 watts/ch SET), which someone brought over to hear with the TV's are incredible amps, the best imaging that I have ever heard. Their not as fast as the atmasphere's and transparency is about equal but they create a beautiful musicscape. The $30000(15000 used) price tag will be an issue for most.

I've also heard the Cary 805's. Very nice but I liked the S30 better(faster/more transparent). But if looking for a different type of musical presentation this and other SET's might be worth looking at.
Good luck
I'm using Coincident Frankenstein MKII monos with modded coincident speakers not too different to yours with outstanding results. Ear candy