Best amp for Carver Amazing Platinums?

Thanks to all for your perspective and time. I have a set of Carver Amazing Platinums with 60" ribbons, four 12" subs in each speaker, and updated crossovers. I also run a set of Klipsch Cornerhorns in the same room with a different amp. The central preamp for now is a high end Yamaha.

Question: What amp would be best for just the Carvers? I heard them on a Sunfire preamp and the old Carver 200wpc cube amp at a friend's home and they sounded great. I want to improve on that sound if possible, so can anyone venture an opinion as to the best 200-400 watt amp for these speakers? Budget is $1500 or less, and I like used stuff. My living room is 24' by 26' with 10' beamed ceilings.

Should I get one high power amp, or two lower power amps and do bridge or mono? I am told that Parasound 2200.2 or Parasound 3500 is good on bass management, but I am quite ignorant of the best approach. I like a lot of commanding bass and clear vocals with sparkling highs that linger until they fade away....not asking for much am I, lol? As a reference point, I definitely did not like the harsh peaky sound some female vocals made in my old
NAD 7600/NAD 2700THX/Infinity RS-III/Infinity Kappa-8 system which was also too boomy for my ears. Anyway, any opinions? Thanks very much to everyone who helps.
My buddy runs a pair of Hafler 9505 Transnovas with xlnt. success. The custom Xovers for them is an investment you should look into. Paul
Bridging into that low impedance can stress any amplifier not rated into 2 ohms or less. Because of that low impedance and current requirements, capable tube amps are very expensive. Older SS amps, as the Carver, don't have the finesse and imaging of newer designs. Without going into a long dissertation of the sound characteristics of the various brands with "ribbons" and open woofers, a single Plinius SA250 mkIV would be my first choice. Won't be as crisp as some others but not as tight-fisted or bright either. If you like revealing speakers, don't scrimp on the rest of the system.

Dipoles don't have the reflections and room interactions but I found that softening the corners behind them improves imaging. Also, seriously consider membrane/panel traps to tighten that booming bass. Those IRS aren't prone to boom. A brute-force and relatively inexpensive DIY bass trap would be a false wall of 4X8 paneling or drywall, nailed only at the edges and dampened with mineral wool or rigid fiberglass behind but not touching.
Find a pair of Carver Silve 9t monoblocs. They can be had for $1000 to $1500. They have plenty of muscle to do the job.

Excellent amps for the money. 500 wpc @ 8 ohms and 900 wpc @ 4 ohms.