Best amp for bowers & Wilkins PM 1's

My budget it 8k
My friend is doing it the other way; he got a Parasound A21 and intendes to get PM1s to go with them.
Classe' is part of the B&W group now. I heard the PM1's with a Classe amp/preamp along with the B&W PV1D sub. Great sound. Make that totally compelling sound. Clear, dynamic, and musical.
Thanks I was also considering a mcintosh ma 6600 or ma 7000 any thoughts.
I'm also going in other direction. I am downsizing. I sold Mac 402/2200, Kef 205 system. I p/u a Marantz pm15-s1 at a good price. Now I am looking at musical monitors. Any thoughts on pm-1's vs. esoteric mg 10 or proac response series?