Best amp for B&W Nautilus 804s - Primare/Naim/MF?

I'm building my first system and have just acquired a pair of second-hand B&W Nautilus 804s. The next item on the list is an integrated amp. My budget is limited so I'm basically stuck with what I can find on the local ex-demo and used pages if I want to keep the other components in the same class or even close.

I've found a good deal on the Primare A30.1 (plus the same seller has a paired Primare CD player). Is this a suitable low-end partner for 804s? I know I can't afford to get the absolute best out of them but I want to be content with whatever choice I make for a year or two before upgrading.

The same dealer is proposing the Naim NAIT5i which seems like it may be a little under-powered at 50W.

Finally, if I save up a little longer I could go for a used Musical Fidelity A5. This has had a lot of good reviews online, with some specifically mentioning 804s, but for the extra money needed I could begin to pay for my source components!

Any help at all or general words of advice would be appreciated. I'm a total newbie, as you've all probably guessed!

Invest in an MFA5 or Krell400xi and you may have all you'll ever need for power. Look for a demo Cd player or a value brand such as NAD, Marantz, Rotel etc.
absolutely buy the Primare - punches way above its class - will do more for the nautilus than anything else in the same price range.

I've had a 30.1 for more than ten years that has survived raves, house parties, dinner parties, audio nights and many the wrong person touching it.

It has driven modest Clements, several Totems, Thiels (the latter are a beautiful match).

good luck
Actually I went with a used Musical Fidelity A300 in the end, which is working out very well, and am currently testing CD players with the Rega Apollo the current favourite. Thanks for all your help!