Best amp for B&W Nautilus 804? Looking for advice.


I own a pair of B&W Nautilus 804's and I'm looking for a new (used) amp/preamp to drive them. I'm currently using a Classe CAP-151 which is adequate but I'm looking for more. Looking for a broader, deeper soundstage and a live, real sound (at least as much as my budget will allow).

Right now I'm looking on the used market for one of these three set-ups: 1)Classe 47.5 Pre / CA-301 Power; 2)Krell KRC3 Pre / FPB200 Power; 3) Krell KAV 500i. Any other options in this price range?

Don't have a krell dealer in the area so I can't audition. Hoping anyone familiar with that equipment will offer their opinion.

Thanks all, John
Go with option 1 but prefer with a pair mono Classe CAM-201 (new design & cheaper)
I have similar set up: B&W Nautilus 803 with Classe CA-300 sound is magical, warm and very dynamic (Harmonic Tech. Pro silway II and Acoustic Zen Satori cables)
Good Luck
Thanks for the advice. To be honest with you I didn't even know the CAM-200 was out there. Pulled up their web site and found it marked "new". Haven't been able to find any reviews on the net though. Would you really go with a pair of CAM-200's over a CA-300/301? Price is great, $3,600.00 MSRP for a pair but I can get a used 301 in that range. I guess I've read so many great reviews about the 301.

I've gotta confess I'm a novice. What are the advantages of mono blocks? Also what will they do for my N804's that the CAP-151 can't do? What else will I need for that kind of set-up?

Sorry about all the questions. Thanks again.

I do not like Krell, especially with B&W's tonal qualities, especially if you are looking for a real, live sound. The CA-300 will do very well, but I would urge you to go balls out and look in to tube preamps and amps. Tubes better match your criteria, and I think the nautilus line's fairly fast, dry, large sound begs for tube amplification.
Well, there's another option I hadn't considered. Found a wealth of excellent info on tubes vs SS in the forum archives so I won't burden you with too many questions. One quick one though, what tube amp set-up is suitable for the N804's. (my budget is $2500 to $4500 and I'm looking on the used market too.

Thanks again.

I should have stated in my above post that I have not actually heard tubes with the 804s, I am just putting two & two together, so to speak. I am stepping out on a taboo ledge here, basing these recs on what some people I respect have noted. I figure this is better than no response at all in this thread. If I were you, I would research/look in to used Joule Electra mk. II or III pre, conrad-johnson amps and preamps, Rogue amps and preamps, Audible Illusions M3A preamp, Counterpoint preamps (no longer in business, but can be sent for repairs), and Blue Circle. Searches for these on will yield more specifics and other suggestions. Maybe there is a local dealer for you running around too. Check out this site someone else on audiogon has recommended: It is very interesting and may help you.
I have read a review at AR and have talked with Cary Audio . The best bet is the V 12. Cary has even come out with a balanced preamp to use the V12s balanced outputs. I'm currently using my Classe' CAP151 as a preamp for my Bel Canto EVo 200.2. I know I want the new Cary preamp, but ain't sure I want a tube amp. The BC is soo nice and smooth with detail and the ability to resolve strings like you ain't never heard.My N804s are biwired with Analysis Plus Oval 9.
I have the 804's and they need solid state. I first had the 804's paired with 2 different conrad-johnson set ups. The CAV-50 no detail, then the prem.11 better but just not there. I now have the 804's paired to a Mark Levinson #383 and they came alive. Great detail. The 804's voice so well they bring the best out of good solid state. I have the c-j set up running Spendor 2/3's and that set up sings. I love music and I like both solid state and tube's. E-Mail me if you want to know more. Peace and Good Listening.
I too would like some help. I have a pair of Matrix 804's. I have been in the market for a new power amp. Presently I am using a Carver 705x (125 wpc) 5 channel as a power amp with an AI3 pre-amp. I tried the Transcendent compact 150 wpc and did not think there was that much difference. Maybe I have tin ears? My last hope for a new tube amp in my price range is a Rogue I think. Used there may be others. I would like some advice on other amps ($2000 new or used). Belles, used krell, I don't really know. I like orchestral and I sometimes get up to the 90 db range or so for short periods. BTW somebody from customer service at B&W told me not to even think about a low powered tube amp or even SS at less than 100wpc. Any thoughts out there to confuse me further?
I know two dealers from two different areas who both found that Primare(from Norway, I think) equipment really opens up the 804s. I thought this was significant because Primare is relatively new and unknown on the scene here in the US, yet both these dealers stumbled onto the same conclusion after trying lots of other stuff. Might be hard to find, but a very good value and built like a brick craphouse, and it looks great too. Best of luck.