Best amp for B W Matrix 805

Please can anyone help. I have a Denon AVP 8000 for a preamp. And I have 805's for the front speakers. I've been thinking about these amps- Aragon 4004 mk II, Acurus 200x3 or maybe Adcom GFA-565 mono's. Oh, my Cd player is an Ultech UCD-100. Please help if anyone has any answers.
I have a conrad-johnson mv52 powering my 805 matrix good match.
Hello, None of the above amps would I consider. I used to own matrix 804 803 and 802 and I used them with older krell gear and I used a tube dac to mellow out the krell. I would highly recommend Classe they are great on B&W. Good Luck Dont sell your self short with the other brands
Without a doubt, the best amp for your speakers, as well as any other, is a pair of the Krell Master Reference Amplifiers. Of course the $125,000 price tag may not be in your budget.
I do know that B&W now uses Krell amps to voice their "N" line. You can find the 300i 150 watt integrated amp and at a great price on this web site. Give it a try, as well as others.
B&W uses Krell amps? Last I heard, their "reference" system in England was two 800 Signatures driven by ML 33's.
Our recommendation is the Clayton Audio S40 or the M100 monoblocks. They are both pure class A designs that we have found to surpass the music quality of any other solid state that we've heard, including much more expensive amps.


Ideally, a really good inexpensive tube preamp, like the CJ PV-10B, will make your system with the Claytons sound superb. However, your Denon pre should still sound better than ever with the S40, M100, or you can go with the much higher power, fully balanced 300 wpc S2000 stereo power amp or the 500 watt M2000 monoblocks. Depending upon how much power you want, any of these models will let the music shine through as it should.

Happy listening!
I used the Adcom 5803 (available used/demo on Audiogon for about $900) w/great results w/my Matrix 805s, then upgraded to the Ayre V3 (available used on Audiogon for $1600--fantastic deal, by the way) and was amazed at the rich, deep, controlled sound. Sounded like I had a sub working w/the 805s. If you look into an Ayre, make sure the previous owner got the V3 upgrades, ie, the Ayre Conditioner, or else get a price break and get them done yourself ($500). Ayre is a fantastic company that will support even used secondhand buyers like me.