Best amp for B&W CDM1s

Here is my current setup:

Fronts: B&W CDM-1 (original)
Rear: B&W DM600 s3
Center: B&W CDM
Sub: Velodyne HGS-12
A/V Receiver: Yamaha RXV-992
DVD: Cheap Pioneer
CD: Yamaha

I want to complain that I don't think the Yamaha is doing the job. To me, the CDM-1's don't sound as good as they should. I know there are a lot of factors but I think I'll start with the amp. I'm thinking of adding a decent 2 or 5 channel amp to this system (use the yamaha as the pre for the time being).

I've looked at 5 channel B&K and Acurus which both can be had for about $600 used (my price range). Are these a good match for the CDM-1's.


I had a Rotel 985MkII on my B&W CDM1NT's and the sound was very natural and dynamic.You can also improve the sound by getting some good interconnects and power cord.Most B&W dealers usually carry Rotel as there is a connection between the two companies.
Musical Fidelity A3 integrated has good match with B&W. Maybe a little gentler on top vs. Rotel IMHO.
While you're looking into the Musical Fidelity A3, have a listen to the Audio Refinement Complete. I had this setup with my CDM 1 NT's and it sounded really good. They can usually be had for about 600 used.