Best AMP for B&W 804's and REL Storm III?

In process of acquiring a pair of "used" N804's (from Audiogon of course) as part of my basement HT (14x20 room and evenly split between HT amd Music) setup. I will pair the N804's with a REL Storm III sub, NHTM-1 Center, and potentially the NSCM-1 surrounds. I am looking for a used multi-channel amp in the $1500 price range. The following is what I have found to date and are interested in (no specific order):

1. B&K Reference Series 200.5 or 7250
2. Parasound Halo A 52
3. Anthem MCA 50
4. Aragon 2005

Also, I am still trying to decide on a pre/pro (used and in the $1200 – 1500 range) for this setup and are currently eyeballing the following (Again, no specific order):

1. Rotel 1066/1068
2. Anthem AVM-2
3. Aragon Soundstage
4. Adcom GTP-860

Any thoughts in terms of selection and "best pairing" will be greatly appreciated!

I have sold the B&W's for years. I think the Classe stuff, for your money/price range mates well. The 5 channel Classe 150 watt amp is good to run your speakers all as "small", which you should do anyway for proper power handling, dynamic capabilities, bass distribution, etc. Let the powered sub do the dirty work, and get it set up right(critical in your smallish space..yes, smallish!)
Also, a used Classe SSP25/30 would sonically do well for your. I've experience with your combo and the Classe's,
Sold the Aragon, Anthem, B&K, and Parasound (not halo though) as well. The Aragon combo you mentioned is good, if not super dynamic(pre/pro largely), and a tick warmish, like youre speakers. I still like the Classe with your speakers however. The B&K and Anthem's (AVM20 is better) you mentioned?...pass. Again, just OK.
Other options are Krell HTS(must do digital connection for best there) and multi channel amp's. At the very very least, the Krell HTS, which can be had at $1500 or less used, is arguably the cleanest sounding digital pre/pro for 5.1 I've heard for that money!...squeaky clean, detailed, tremendously dynamic, and pure! You may or may not find the amp's slighly "coolish" to your tastes(250ax2 or 3). But it's very workable with right cabling.
Of all the combo's you mentined however, I'd go Aragon. But the Classe does better I think. I've owned both Aragon 8008bb's and Soundstage, as well as Acurus stuff.
Another "look" for you is CAL audio 2500 pre/pro and amp's. Sim audio, another choice that's superb, if not better!
If it where my money, and your budget, I'd say Classe, maybe the Krell, which is actually the best 5.1 I've heard to date!. It just works well with your speakers for the money...the Classe does! Good luck
Thanks for the very helpful information. To recap your comments, it sounds to me that the following is your recommendation:

pre/pro and amp combo recommendations

1. Classe SSP25/30 and Classe 150w amp (BTW - which Classe amp?)
2. Krell HTS and Classe amp or the Aragon amp (2005?)
3. Aragon Soundstage and Aragon amp (2005) or the Classe amp

I hope I got it right...please correct me if I did not. Also, doesn’t the Krell HTS “lack” some of the new format capabilities (i.e., DPL II, SACD, DVD-A, etc)?

Finally, as per my previous post, my room is approximately 14x20x8 (basement with three sides poured concrete) and have considered the N805s with the NHTM2, same sub and surrounds. What are your thoughts?

I'll get back with your next I'll be away from the "puter".
I ended up picking up the Rotel 1066....So what your thoughts on the AMP?

I own a Classe cav 150 and love it, I used it with B & w speakers and it sounded great. I live in the Chicago area and a store here sells Classe and B & W, so I heard my amp on several of there speakers from the N800 to N805 and can say you will not go wrong with the amp.