Best amp for B&W 802 speakers

I have a Bryston 4B ST amp and BP 25 preamp. I am wondering if there are any recomendations out there for B&W 802 speakers for amps and preamps. I listen to female vocalists and jazz and would like to clean up the sound detail. I have a Meridain 588 CD player and a Cal Audio Labs CL-10 multi disc as well. I use Harmonic Truthlink interconnects and Zu Wax speaker cables. I am installing a Audio magic power conditioner and having a dedicated circuit added to my sound room. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
I found Jeff Rowland a great match with the B&W speakers.
Sim audio will give you a nice glowing smooth sound. Arcam is comming out with mono's with the FMJ line and their stuff is always properly priced and damn fine sounding, but maybe a little dry for the B&W's. Musical Fidelity worked for us in the past but a tad polite and reigned in. Jeff Rowland is always a great suggestion if the funds are avliable, but I suspect you can get very close to that level with considerably less money that you can use to attend concerts and buy music. Really depends on how big your room is and what kinda music you listen to. If classical you need the Sim, if a nice mix like jazz and accoustical works audition the Arcam as it might just light your fire with vocal music. Besides Arcam is getting better and better at what they do.
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Thank you for the info to start Kchahoc and Brianmgrarcom. I will start auditioning your suggestions.
krell fpb 400cx
I am running the MF Tri-Vista Integrated amp with the Nautilis 802s. Fantastic!! Great bass, delicate treble.
Anyone out there try the Meridian 559s with N802s?
BVaudio amps will do the best in sonic neutrality and sound detail . I listen to jazz myself, records like Diana Krall Al DiMeola ....are the best through bvaudio gear. I think that if you want to get the best out of any recordings, you have to look for component that does "detail". BVaudio does it well. Features like "smooth" etc won't do it.
I have N802s which I love, and am currently evaluating the 559, with a Meridian preamp.
I usually use a valve amp, so am pretty picky about SS amps, but my early impressions are that the 559 is a stunning amplifier, very powerful yet subtle and musical. 802s really open up and sing.
The 559 easily betters a JRDG Concentra II that I've tried as well (not enough power for the N802s in my opinion), even though I have been impressed with the musicality and amazing build quality of JRDG stuff (separates would be tempting ...).
Interestingly enough, I have found that the Meridian 501 preamp was almost as good as the costlier 502.
Hope that helps.
Derekw14 -

You are the first reply I've seen to this post on the 559s. I ended up acquiring 2 559s and have them bridged driving the 802s. I love the system, but haven't figured out a good way to compare with other amplification in the system. I have the full Meridian 500 line in the system, use the 502 (using the RCA ... not the balanced ..) connections, a 588 CD, and a 504 tuner. (all acquired through audiogon) My cables are Acoustic Zen. I noticed a remarkable increase in stature when I added the second amplifier and had them both bridged into mono mode. Not sure of the contribution of the cables ... I switched them at the same time as the second amp came in.

Have you seen any other analysis/evaluation of the 559s (particularly in use with the 502s). I'm looking for some comparison accounts ... haven't found any.
I have just upgraded from a CJMF2500, 240 watts, to a Mcintosh 353, 350 watts. The extra power has unleashed the speakers. Deeper bass, a more musical delivery and a beautiful sound stage. My pre-amp is a CJ Premier 10 and this combo is terrific. The N802's blossom with high current, and lots of power.