Best amp for Audio Physic Avanti III

Can you help me for a few minutes?
The goal is to make the Avanti III's be the very best they can be. What amp/SC combo will do this? I'm interested in your opinions on tubes and ss. The speaker/room setup is near field, listening 8 feet away in a large room and side walls more than 5 feet from each speaker.
What have you experienced or know that would be optimal?
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I would bet the new CJ Premier 140 (either in stereo or mono configuration) would work well based upon an audition of the Virgos with the CJ Premier 12 monos not long ago. For solid state I would be curious to find out how the Parasound JC-1 would fare with the Avantis.
I owned these speakers for some time and the best sound I was able to achieve was with a pair of Tenor OTL's.
Contact me if you want more detail.
Other than the OTL as above, the absolute best sound-matching I got was with an outrageously expensive Symphonic Line "Kraft 250 class A". This combo managed to "equalise" the low-bass output with the highs (i.e. bring the <100Hz in line with the 3kHz and the ~10kHz "bumps" that irked me).

It also made the top end more perceptible than with the OTLs (the small Tenors). question, tubes. I have had two pair of Virgos, with the current being the Virgo III, continually in my system for more than 5 years, the Virgo III is voiced similar to the Avanti. And just as important, it behaves (reacts) to amplifiers in a very similar way as well. Although 1dB higher measured sensitivity for the Virgo, both speakers dipping no lower than 3.5 ohm . I have tried 3 solid state, last one being single ended in design, without bringing me the realism and sheer musicality that tubes can with the AP. I have yet to hear a solid state amp breathe life into the AP speakers as a tube based amp can. I currently am running a VAC 70/70 III, a 300B based amp, with them and the combo is just amazing. One whichever tickles your fancy, but do not scimp, if at all possible, on the quality of your amplification, as the Avanti will lay it's shortcomings bare. Might be a good idea to find a tube amp that adds just a touch to the slight midbass leaness I heard in the Avanti. It's been my experience that there is a plethora of reasonably priced, excellent quality, tube based amps in the marketplace, contrasted by what I have heard with solid state amplifiers for the same money. But the BEST thing you could do for yourself is to try both types of amplification and see if you agree. Just My humble opinions..... ; )
Marty, I just ran across this thread, and thought I would respond. I also have Avanti III's, with a listening configuration similar to yours. I use a Berning ZH270 amp with Audio Magic Sorcerer cables. This is a really wonderful combination with the Avanti's. The Berning, although a tube amp, almost functions like a hybrid because of its design. I get great ss like bass and speed, with that magic tube midrange. Having said that, if cost were no object, I would choose the new Tenor Hybrid amplifier to drive the Avanti's. I had the opportunity to compare the Berning with the Tenor 75 OTL tube amp on efficent 8 ohm Kharma speakers, and the Tenor was hands down the winner - in fact it is the best sounding amplifier I have ever heard (which should be the case, given it costs 4x as much as the Berning). My only concern using the Tenor 75's on the Avanti's would be the relative inefficiency of the Avanti's compared to the Kharma's. But it appears Glide3 has direct experience in driving the Avanti's with the Tenor's, so hopefully you have been in touch with him. However, now with the Tenor Hybrid, that concern about efficiency is gone, since the Hybrid 150 would give you 300W into 4 ohms, more than enough power given your listening configuration. And reports are that the Hybrids are even better than the pure tube Tenors. The Tenor Hybrid 150 or 300 would have to be at the top of my audition list if I were looking for a new amp regardless of price. On the other hand, I am quite happy with the sound I get from the Berning, which is really an amazing little amplifier for the money (about $4700 list)and matches very well with the Avanti's.

off from the left field, I have heard people pair Audio Physics with Blue Circle BC-2 monoblocks, that are out of production. It is a mix of everything stated about, a hybrid that runs fully Class A, producing 75 watts per channel with current to even run electrostats. These amps are at most very rare, sometimes they appear in the market and run for about 2-3k range and are fully upgradable, although very expensive to do so, but with its extremely refined presentation maybe upgrades are uncalled for. I own a pair. Check the reviews and maybe you can try one of the new BC hybrids to see how compatible they are. BC-2 put the company on the map years ago and still are a very refined sounding stereo gear.