Best Amp for Andra II's - 15 x 25 room

Using new Spectron Musician III - been in the shop (repair) more than its been set-up. Sound was awesome using their Remote Sensing Cables and Morrison ELAD pre-amp BUT has no reliability. Considering going back to traditional A A/B solid state - Krell, Pass, etc...Any ideas?
I heard the Andra II's with the Pass XA160 monoblocks. Same size room that you have, coincidentally. As a general rule, I'm not a SS fan, but that combination was
absolutely fantastic. The source was an Audio Aero Capitole MKII. Really an amazing system, to my ear.
All the best,
First of all congratulations on choosing such a fine loudspeaker. The Andra II would certainly be on my very short list of the very finest speakers available. I've used the original Spectron Musician and was very impressed. Never heard the Morrison but after reading its design brief, my guess is that it's the limiting factor in your system. As for the Pass XA160 monoblocks listed above... yawn. The Lamm M1.2 is unquestionably the best sounding amplifier I've heard with your speakers, blowing away both the Spectron and the Pass. Killer combo. It just happens to be killer expensive but then you had the money to buy those speakers and that ain't chump change either. Good luck and enjoy!