Best Amp for Aerial Acoustics 20T v2

Hi There,

Wondering the experts thoughts on what best to drive the Aerial Acoustics 20T v2. 

I am in Australia so 240volts needed.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Cheers mark
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Pass X350 or X250 any series will do the job. Pass sound great on Aerial's.
I'm going to recommend the amp I own, of course, that being the Datasat RA2400. I have a complete Aerial system and the Datasat brings out the full potential of the Aerials. Expensive, but the Datasat has been my wisest purchase.
I was impressed by this speaker at an audio show where it was staged in a medium sized conference room larger than typically sized living room. Positioning seemed to be close to golden thirds, away from the side walls, and toed in. I'd suggest carefully reading the Stereophile review paying attention to the placement issues incured by the manufactures.

The review also mentions dramitic differences the amplification made. On the current home page Simaudio amplification is present in what appears to be their listening room.