Best amp for 6 ohms speakers

What's the best amp for driving 6 ohms speakers?
What speakers do you have exactly?

For me when I had a pair of the Andrew Jones Pioneer bookshelf speakers that had a 6 Ohm nominal impedance I liked using them with my Jolida 502P tube amp or a Michael Bettinger reconditioned Sumo Nine solid state amplifier. When I had the Pioneers connected to the Jolida I used the 4 Ohm speaker taps on the amp just to be safe. The tube complement in the Jolida at the time was Tung Sol KT-120s; Tung Sol 12AT7s and Ruby 7025s.

These amps may not be the overall best but they were good to me.

If you can provide more details about your system, speakers musical tastes etc members here can be more helpful.
If the speaker nominal impedance is 6 ohm and has a relative benign impedance swings, then almost any amp will work.

What you need to be concerned with is how the impedance changes with a change in frequency. Some speakers that are rated 6 ohms will dip down to 2 ohm, which can be problematic for some amps.
You ahve not specified the speakers nor the budget. So someone might recommend a top of the line Pass.

I use Parasound A21 with my 6ohms Quad. It is more than sufficient with a Passive TVC.
Some amps overheat if the load falls below 4 should
check the amp ratings first.
I'm using Episode 700 monitor speakers rated at 130 watts RMS, 325 watts peak. I'm looking for an amp at $199 - $299 that's capable of driving them.
Those speakers are 89db sensitive so they should be pretty easy to drive. Are you looking for a power amp or integrated amp?
In that price range, a used Hafler is probably the best
sounding bet. Any of them can drive a 2 ohm load, all day
long, at rated power. Having the power supply caps replaced,
on the older ones, would be a good idea. Type, "eBay Hafler
power amp" in your searchbar. This site won't handle the
whole url, for a link. Another nice thing about the Haflers;
they are a piece of cake to upgrade/tweak, should you get the
urge later.

+1 to Rodman99999's suggestion on Hafler amplifiers. I've had speakers similar in spec to the Episode 700 Monitor speakers and I really liked either the Hafler DH-220 or the Hafler XL-280 amplifiers with them. I once tried a Hafler DH-500 with bookshelf speakers and I got an improvement in bass but the mids and highs seemed to have disappeared.