Best amp for $550 to mate with the following...

My budget is $550 max on a power amp to mate with my Theta Miles cd player and NHT VT-1.2 tower speakers. I'm running the Miles direct into the amp (therefore using its analog volume control). Locally, I have a lead on an Adcom GFA-5802 for $550 or an Audio Refinement Multi 2 for $445.

Other possibilities/recommendations?
Classe 100 or seventy will kick the ars out of the adcom.
Here are few that would be close to that price:

Classe 10 or CA100 (as Ray mentioned), the Seventy IMHO, wouldn't be enough power for your speakers which are 86db.

Sonographe SA250

Odyssey Stratos

Parasound A23

Emotiva has several amps that would work well.
I second the Emotive suggestion, particularly if used with balanced interconnects. Good hunting.
Go to Class D Audio's website. You can buy a complete amp, a complete kit, or amp modules/power supplies. In any case, they are an indredible bargain, beautifully made, with high quality parts (in the USA), and are one of the best sounding amps I've ever had, after 40+ years at this.

Better than VAC, Plinius, Aragon, Parasound, etc.

add $1...200 and you'll get Bel Canto S300 little amp. this one indeed plays music!
If it is possible save up and hold off and get a new Odyssey Audio Khartago for $995.00. Factory direct ,30 day return, 20 year warranty, made in USA. You would be better off in the long run than buying some older amp that might end up giving you a headache down the road. Check out their site!
An Emotiva amp would be a good, solid choice. The XPA-200 would work quite well for $499. Plenty of power and a great warranty.
Odyssey Khartago Plus usually go for around $600. Mine was outstanding
You can get the Odyssey only a few years old. I would have some concerns about the 20 year old amps that were great in their day.
I'm using a 7 channel Emotiva amp in one of my systems. It started out sounding OK... but now that it has 100 hours or so on it I'm starting to be impressed. A lot of performance for the money!
A little info on your room and and personal preferences would probably give you some more useful answers.
I'd give the 250 w/ch class d audio amp a try.
Class d audio is a great bargain I love mine and It bettered everything I've owned including the stratos extreme.
You got lucky and got some great responses. I'll admit I'm partial to Odyssey (& listen every day...) but the Emo does a great job too. However, w/ your $550 budget you should at least look at the Class D site and the SDS-400C offer...
Belles 150 is a great amp that can be bought for around $500. There is a Muse 100 on the Gon now which is also excellent.
CLASS D AUDIO !! My 300/600 Watt SDS470C sounds amazing and I`m coming down off a Rogue ST90 that I loved but it just didn`t have the power I need/wanted.

For the $$$ it reminds me of the NAD 3020 I bought new waaay back !
Ok, easy one and move on it. Get the Muse 100 up for sale here for $375. Won't do better under $500.
Do yourself a huge favor and get the Class d audio. It's almost a joke that it costs $500 ish when it beats $5000 amps that I've heard.
Only responding because I saw two amps mentioned that I am familiar with, the Sonographe A250 (sold mine a month ago, very good amp)and ClassD Audio ( I have the 125W. model).
I recently heard the Crown XLS 1500, and compared to the ClassD Audio amp, the Crown won hands down.
The Sonographe is a fine choice, but they hardly ever come up for sale.
Interesting I've heard the xls 2500 and I prefered the class d
audio. However my friend who owns the crown also has a pair of
hypex ncore mono blocks. He has often said he prefers the