Best amp for 4 Sonos ceiling speakers?

Hi Guys,

Recently moved into a new home and there are 4 ceiling speakers from Sonos in the main room.
I'd like to make the best use of them for music, movies and parties :)
What's the best amp to buy for these? 
The specs for each speaker are:
Two drivers (1-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch woofer), 8 ohms, handling 130 watts maximum power, and 89dB SPL sensitivity. Frequency response is @ 44Hz to 20kHz.

I'd love to have a nice bass effect, and loud crystal clear sound.

Also, I'm on a budget and have zero tech savviness haha. 

What amp would you recommend? Would you recommend I add a subwoofer?

Thank yoiu so much!
I've never heard of "in ceiling" SONOS branded speakers nor any SONOS branded speaker that are not powered already i.e. do not need a separate amplifier. 

Maybe this is a SONOS system than played thru some other brand speakers and amp. If so you really aren't locked into the SONOS ecosystem unless you want to be. SONOS does make amps but you'd be well served to consult with a dealer to go over what you have in house and are missing before forging ahead.  
I think it's these?
I would use their AMP module and this way you can add in their truplay room correction abilities. 

Yes it's those. The Sonos amp is 600 quid which doesn't look like a great investment for a rented place.
I'm looking for an amp that would safely provide decent loud sound for all 4 speakers, any recommended model?
Thank you!
there are many solid state amps that have strong ratings into 4 or 2 ohms, which is what is needed, as the numerous pairs of speakers playing simultaneously will draw a good deal of current

i use a b&k av1260 amp that has 12 channels (stereo sets x 6)... built for the purpose such as yours, driving distributed speaker sets all over the house and outdoors - cost effective and well built

sound quality is ok, the speakers are not wonderful sounding to start with, just play background music, don’t stress over the ’audiophile quality’ of the amp, it just needs to be tough, deliver current, stay relatively cool
Huh? If you say you like them, that's great for you. I never use the ones in my house ceiling, granted they are JBL, but just don't sound good to me. I'd use any extra amp you have laying around.
Whatever one works that you can afford.
I do not think that they will ever sound very good in series.