Best Amp for $300 to Power Paradigm Monitor 9s

I'm looking for a 2-channel amplifier to power my Paradigm Monitor 9 (series 7) speakers. I want something simple, with few bells and whistles, but excellent sound. I've read that the Paradigms are bright and so a warm amp would be the way to, and have heard that Marantz pairs well, but am open to any quality option.

My budget is about 300 dollars, and I'd like something in the 100 WPC range, so I will likely buy second hand vintage.
Adcom bi-polar amp. I like the sound w/my Paradigm Phantom floorstanders.(Adcom GTA-5002/6002 and others are bi-polar amps.) Also, may want to look into B&K amps. Even though I personally have only owned one (a 60w per ch. model which designation escapes me @ the moment), something to consider as well.
I've used the Adcom MOSFET amps as well as others over the years, and you can't beat the "bang for the buck" of these things...I use a GFA5300 as an outdoor speaker amp and an emergency backup main amp, and that thing kicks ass, really sounds great, and I've never had it or any other Adcom fail. 5300s get no respect so they're really cheap among Adcom amps, as low as 100 bucks.
The more recent NAD integrated amps have pretty good bang for buck, but I'm not sure if they'd meet your price limit. Maybe the C326BEE?