best amp and preamp for b w 801 s3 speakers.

My listening room is 15 x 17.Muisc selection are rock, jazz,vocals and 12 string guitars.
I've had my Matrix 801's S3 for 12 years now and have tried amny combinations.
I have "settled" on:
Amp: Threshold SA12e monos
Preamp/Cd Palyer: Krell KPS 20iL
I found simple but high quality is best.

Also...believe it or not: McCormack DNA-1 at only 185 watts/ch sounded very very very good. Awesome value.

Classe M700 monos were teriffic as well but the Thresholds
are special
I vote for Classe...(DR 6 and DR9mono) also Bryston 4B ST is very good and capable to run these speakers!
S series Thresholds work wonders and Classes' as well
any quality mid to high power ss.
Another vote for Classe
One of the best systems I had...801 S3's driven
with a Conrad Johnson CAV 50 tube integrated. BEAUTIFUL!!
Thanks for your suggestions. I should have said amps on a conservative budget. 3 k used .
The Bryston 7bsst monos or the Mac 501 monos.
Had Classe 15(175 watts)with my 802 S2's which had the bass of the Krell KSA 250 but was discontinued as the review was printed(it also was to be included in S'phile's Rec' Components under Class "A".
Are your speakers stock or modified? Do you have the Krell, Anodyne, JPS or Maughgan Box filters?
What are box filters and what do they do ?