best amp / amps to drive totem mani-2's

I am looking for the best way to drive these speakers. I would like to go with a beefy integrated to keep the cost down -or- should I go with 2 amps and bi-wire them. Who has these speakers and what are you driving them with - and are you happy with your choice?
I think bi-wiring doesn't do much of anything. Bi-amping, on the other hand, can be very beneficial. Tubes on top, solid state on the bottom. Sweet...
I heard these driven amazingly well with a cj MF200 (solid state) amp in MOntreal back in 1998. They had excellent bass extension and natural dynamics, I couldn't believe how much sound was coming from these relatively small stand mount monitors. The dual woofer system really works. I imagine the Bryston monoblocks, Musical Fidelity amps would also work well and of course my favorite, the Krell 400 cx that I use to drive Thiel CS6s. But any amp that has good current producing capability will work well. Almost bought a pair until I heard Thiel.
i used to have a pair of odyssey monoblocks with a classe 47.5 preamp to drive my mani 2's. i have also tried the classe ca-200 and mac 352 amps with the classe preamp. good sound. i owned the mac ma-6500 but didn't have the power to drive the mani's. i bought a dk design amp and am very happy with it.
I heard that C-J demo and I agree it was very convincing. I went to Audioville and heard the same thing there and it was just as good. I've heard Bryston with the Mani-2s as well and it was OK but the big solid-state winner was SimAudio. A marriage made in heaven.
I have heard them driven with a Spectron Musician II. The sound was very dynamic, detailed, and sweet!
I have not heard the combo but would imagine the new TRL ST 225 integrated would be a nice match...this is a wonderful amp and value.
any big/quality ss amp.....separates like bryston, cj or arc ss would rule
I use the CaryAudio Cinema 5 (200wpc x 5) and I love it. I like it so much that I have appeared to have lost my upgraditis! I also use it to drive my Model 1 sigs and centre.

Good luck!
I concurr with Conrad Johnson as amplification to drive Totems. This is a highly synergetic match.
old deries of CLASSE AUDIO like a DR-25 or A DR-15 is an heaven match for cheap, you could go for more sophisticated sound going with a CONRAD JOHNSON EVOLUTION 2000 (Hybrid amp of 200 WPC)
Mani -2 need muscles QUALITY WATTS + HIGH CURRENT
CJ amps may be a good choice, but just be careful which CJ amp you try. I had a pair of CJ MF2100s diving mine in biamp and found it underwhelming.

The best amp I've used with mine is an Eagle 2C (Electron Kinetics). It's rated only at 110 w/c @ 8 ohms, but wow does it open them up. This is an amazing little amp.
The Big CJ solid states are synergistic with the Totem's.