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Classe' or Aragon Currently using aragon in my system. I now have a larger romm and plan on geeting larger speakers i.e. Dunluvy, Snell A RS, Duntech ??? Anyways I'll need a larger amp. I like the sound of Aragon, but need to double power or so. Like the Classe' too, but have not compared side by side. Should I keep my 8008BB, add to it and bi amp or consider the Classe' 401 and up. Have heard Krell, Mark Lev. and Proceed. Recommendations please!!! Chuck
I would certainly keep the amps till you make your speaker choice.If you were shure of what speakers;that would be different.
I am using Dunlavy 5's and have better control and sound from a 70 watt amp compared to a 300watt. I agree with Avguygeorge keep your amps
Good idead to wait until you decide on your speakers, but I wanted to add that in my opinion, The Classe 401 is a great deal better than two Aragons. It uses technology from the Omega and would be a great choice. If you are willing to spend that much, you have many options.
Since Dunlavy was using the Spectron amp @ some of the shows, that may be a consideration. I know a person who recently sold his Krell & got one of the newest versions of the Spectron & claims it blew away the Krell.Good luck.
I also concur with the others that you should keep your amps until you have gotten your speakers. Your concerns about amplification seem to center around power and quality. If you decide to change amps, you should try to do a serious audition of the Bryston 7B-ST monoblocks (about 500 watts each), or the new Bryston 14B-ST, which is essentially a pair of 7B-ST's on a single chassis. I own Bryston equipment and think it is one of the genuinely great values. However, one caution: audition an amp that has had substantial break-in time. My Bryston amp took nearly a month of frequent use before it settled in.
Depends on your speakers, being an electrostatic fan, Roger West's Sound-Labs, are the best by far compared to all the others I have heard, I have to put my vote in for Atma-Sphere MA-2 Mk II, 220 watts of triode Class A power, I have never heard anything better at any store, CES show, or someone else's home. Marty
someone at audiogon has a pair of aronov ls9100 for $2k. that's a $6600. pair of amps that will blow the door off anything under 10 grand. if you like tubes take a look
try spectral amp/pre amp combo, its what I am using for my snells, great units for them...brings performance up to date since the snells have the resolution and detail ability to go with their flat power response.. I am using Spectral DMC 30 and DMA 150
ss-ML 33H or tube-SF Power 2
Which ever one you like. All I can tell you is trust your own ears. If I told you my choice for best amp you may spend ten grand, get the damm thing home and think it sounds like shit! However, I would not recommend a Bi amp system.
If you decide to go with Dunlavys, the newest Spectron is dynamite with that speaker line, as well as the slightly older Spectron Musician I, very affordable too. Get your speakers FIRST, then match your amp. Happy hunting.
I have found that there is a synergy between the amp and speakers. I've heard amp/speaker combos that dont cost top dollar and sound great. Likewise I've heard some mega buck amps that sound merly average with some speakers. Some of these synergys are well known and most dealers pick lines that work well together for obvious reasons. Never Never buy an amp one place and speakers another unless you've heard them together. The same goes for pre/power amps but to a lesser degree. For example the Simaudio w5 and maggie combo is one of the best if you like that sound. I have a mid fi system of anthem/paradigm that is great for the money. Please note I qualified that" for the money" . My opinion is that most speakers have an inherant sound that is enhanced by well matched power . I would suggest finding a speaker that suits your room, ear and music taste then research what power works well with it. Now in your case you have some very nice power so finding speakers that match well with the Aragon would be more cost effictive. Happy new year to all, cheers Steve.
what does everyone think about the ARC-VT-100 amp?