Best AM antenna? Also Best AM Tuner

First off I know that AM sucks but there are programs that I listen to and I have a hard time pulling them in. So, I need to know what is best AM antenna. Secondly, when I see posts for best tuner alot of times their isn't AM (McIntosh, Magnum Dynalab, etc.) What are the best tuners that also have a good to great AM section? I have a Carver TFM Seven that I use now, but sometimes I will lose signal a I hate hearing some of the screeches I hear coming from my speakers.
McKay Dymec made an AM only tuner and AM only antenna; the best I have ever heard and certainly in the hunt for AM state of the art. Good luck.
Marty lists some AM antennae which look well designed and built. I own their Reflect FM and it runs against my Fanfare whip nicely.
Fanfare's got the AM AMAX technology going. It only comes optional ($400) in one of their FM units.
If you are looking for a decent AM antenna - you might want
to check out the AM only model from Terk. It is also sold
as the AM Advantage Antenna - the same antenna, but with a
different name (and much lower price point).
As for getting decent AM reception - you might want to
look into one of the older McIntosh Tuners - MR-74 & MR-75
are good choices - because they are AM & FM models. They
not only have very decent FM reception, but good AM, as well. I personally listen to some talk radio programs on
the AM band of my McIntosh tuner, and really enjoy the full,
mellow sound I receive.
One last thing - if you buy a McIntosh Tuner and for
some reason you don't like it - you can always turn around
and sell it for pretty much what you paid for it.