Best alternative w/digtal inputs to Ayre QB-9 DAC?

I recently tried an Ayre QB-9 dac in my system and was very happy with the sound. I found it very musical with nice detail (for my taste). It was a big step up from my modified Transporter. I am looking for a DAC with similar performance but having a digital input I can connect to my Logitech Transporter (coax, BNC S/PDIF, or balanced AES/EBU digital output). My family (wife) is very happy with the interface on the Transporter (via the Duet remote) and we have no desire to switch to a PC or mac source so the QB-9 is not an option. My price range is up to $2500 on the used market. Thanks.
I"ve run into the same problem after adding an Apple TV (which only outputs toslink) to my 2-channel setup. Would be curious to know what others recommend.
Since nobody responded…It is very hard for me to resolve the difference between the W4S DAC-2 with an Audiophilleo 2 for USB on the W4S and the QB-9. The Audiophilleo 2 was a minor upgrade over the stock USB. Both of the W4S and the Qb-9 are coming out in revised forms with DSD and other improvements.
I suggest you call Neutrik and see if they can help you with your Ayre QB-8 DAC connectivity requirements. I did and they helped me go from a XLR 110 ohm to a BNC 75 ohm connection (Ayre CD player to DAC). Their device worked perfectly.


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Correction. It should be Ayre QB-9 DAC connectivity requirements.
Obvious suggestions would be the Metrum Octave III, the Chord QuteHD and the NAD M51.