Best all Canadian system

With the loony sinking to new lows, my concerns are bang for the buck (bang for the loony? sounds weird...) and not some great sense of national pride (although I have some of that too, but it doesn't really apply to audio equipment now does it?) and uncompromised (well almost...) sound quality.

The names that come readily to mind are, obviously, Bryston, Classé, PSB, Mirage, Energy, Totem, (and, less readily it seems, that other Québec speaker company putting out astronomically priced speakers, I forget), Oracle (if you insist on vinyl) and the list probably goes on, somewhat. The idea being to assemble something that sounds good as a whole (trying to avoid the over-used "synergy", oh well, there, I said it) . I am quite sure that for certain items (CD players) the choice will be limited and for others (cartridges, who needs them?) non-existent. What are your thoughts? And by the way, for our U.S. neighbours the exercise may be worth it also, since the prices of any of the above are more than competitive stateside. Thanks.
Add Blue Circle to your list. Would be my first choice.
on king, on you huskies! sorry, bad joke. actually, i think you certainly can put together an all-canuck audio sytsem that is of quite high quality. you should note, however, that oracle also makes some sexy lookin' cd transports, too. -kelly
Bryston BP-25 would be my first choice for pre-amp, and it's relatively cheap up there. Produces very smooth highs, no grain, with superb bass and wide open sound stage, solid images. Great features, too, including headphone out.
Don't forget cabling from Maple Audio Works & Gutwire. Another speaker manufacturer - Gershman Acoustics... and who could forget Sim Audio (whose prices just went up)!!!
Hey fellow Canadian! Sim Audio; Coincident; Totem; Bryston; Verity; along with the others mentioned- we got some good stuff up here!
Verity Audio and Lammhorn Speakers. Both terrific products, especially the finest amps in the world... The Tenor Audio Amplifiers.
The cold Canadian nights must be dulling everyone's mention of Sonic Frontiers yet!!! The P-T 3 combo is one heck of a way to listen to CD's...or other digital sources.
Coincident Speakers, maybe best all-round speaker for the price (the Super Eclipse). Would be my first choice in speakers, Canadian or not. Oops, did I forget to mention? They WERE my first choice, since I bought a pair. Fantastic!!
Very respetable products all. Might I add Newform research? And for the buck, axion speakers. Meadow Song Labs,and correct me if I'm wrong here but isn't Wytech also Canadian? Their preamps and amps are tube heaven. If you can get any of these second hand or demo, even better...cheers, Bluenose
Canuck Audio, we have more than hockey, good beer, and oustanding "gentleman's clubs" here. Here's my all-star made in the-frozen-tundra system: Source components would consist of Oracle Delphi V turntable (arm and pick-up will have to sneak over the border from the USA), Oracle CDP, and Magnum Dynalab tuner. Verity amplifier, Bryston preamplifier, Totem speakers. Interconnect from Maple, power cords by Gutwire. Damned fine set-up all in all
Sim Audio is nice gear. I would prefer to buy Classe it has a warm sound which gives you a sense of realism. Good Luck
I have to agree with Jtinn, I heard Tenor and Lammhorn in Montreal and New York and was astounded by the clarity and the realistic protrayal of upright bass on a good recording.
In fact, the Tenors appeared in a "dream" system I conjured while trying to sleep last night: Audio Aero CD player, Tenor Audio OTLs, and Conicident Total Eclipses, with Discovery cables throughout.
Yes, I know, I need a life. Cheers,
Totem is the line I love for all speakers they make!
Bryston 3b-st new model certainly outperforms Classe but not Sim audio(in general). I go well with canadian electronics but Oracle is too costly for me and I use J.A.Michell GyroDec.
Sonic Fronteirs is the maker of the best Canadian Tube Gear.

Sim Audio makes the best solid state [Bryston being in send place] (IMHO). I have not heard Blue Circle.

A great inexpensive SS Preamp can be found made by Don Morrison of Canada, the Morrison ELAD.

I had a pair of Totem Model 1 speakers that did me well for many years. I am only familiar with Totem and Energy. Totem takes the Canadian speaker award hands down.

.... and no one has mentioned Gershman. GAP 520X's running on the big Blue Circle monos, Classe Omegas or the wonderful Sim W5 amp/preamp combo. True Class A stuff. And then there's Bryston and their 20 year warranty -- safest used purchase you can make, if SS is your kind of sound. And the SF factory is just a short drive down the highway, if you prefer your hifi bottled.

As a few of you may know, Canada made available government funded acoustic chambers for all indigenous speaker designers, which really made a difference in getting our hi and mid fi industries going in the 70's - 80's and 90's. I'll never forget those Dayton Wright electrostats of the 70's - forerunners to today's Quad and ML.

I would however still look south of the border for my wire and PC's, as Gutwire (which is 3 blocks from my house!) is about all we got to hook things together. Still, I could assemble a nice system and never leave Ontario. --Lorne
Paradigm is putting out decent of the best price/performance on the market.
An easy choice:

Verity Audio Parsifal speakers
Tenor amplifiers
Sonic Frontiers Line 3
Oracle turntable
Sim Audio Eclipse cd player

Game over.
Coincident Total Eclipse
Wyetech Topaz amps
Wyetech Opal pre
Oracle TT
Sim Audio Eclipse cdp
What about MIRAGE OM speakers ?

i think that mirage is one ofthe best bang/buck speakers u can buy when u are talking about the unpowere OM at 1200$CADfor a pair of OM-10 and 1500$ for OM-9
that's kinda cheap for the sound

they make also hot bipolar sub BPS series ..the BPS400 is a monster with excellent bass i think

i really can't wait to go at myfirst Son et Image hi-fi Montreal show this next march :)
looooooks WOWWOOWOWOW :)

Vive Canada:)
Merlin68 If I had to take one system to war with the world on an Audio shoot off.Your Combo would be hard to beat.Add All Coincident wiring to the combo.
As for Sonic how the mighty have fallen.
A product that is been flooded into the market at 60% off list cant be all that.