Best All-Around $300 PCs?

Sure, there's a lot of PCs hitting the price stratosphere but how about "reasonably" priced stuff? $300 seems like a nice price point!
Synergistic Research A/C Master coupler with shielding......
Vh Audio flavor 4 Gold
Rja,costum power cord,Top gun for the front end, and
model eleven for the amp.If you dont want to cut
corners DCCA pc, are the best cables Ive tried in
my system.
I second the VH Flavor 4 Gold.
I have the VH Audio Flavor 2: it's impressive.
I've been impressed by the Van den Hull hybrid for amps which lists for around $425 and sells for $125-150 on audiogon and the K-works empowered cord for digital sources &/or amps which lists for around $275.
Has anyone actually directly compared the Cryo-Parts/Locus Design, VH "flavor" cords, BC 61/62, Zu Birth/Bok or other highly touted sub-$300 power cords in the same system? If so, your impressions and what did the system consist of?
Let's not forget the Shunyata Diamondback which at $200 was cited by Stereophile as beating out a couple of $1,000+ PC's.
would have to say the audience... it is pretty good at any price...

the shunyata diamondback is a improvment but not as refined at the extensions..
Are we not forgetting a TG Audio SLVR. Seem to come up used $300-325
what is the cord for? that will help people give you a recommendation
$300 is a nice price point for 30 cds. Let alone $300x how many components you have! Start with Voltex.